Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 911

The first hospital!
The most authoritative expert was called by the dean urgently to perform surgery on Xue Kai.
If Xue Kai’s two legs can’t be kept, he, the Dean, don’t want to do it anymore.
Outside the operating room.
Xue Fangyang walked back and forth, anxious and angry.
When such a thing happened, he really wanted to frustrate the murderer, but until now, Pangbo has not caught anyone.
Can’t he really see it?
“Don’t worry, Xue Kai will be fine.”
Seeing Xue Fangyang restless, Jiang Daoran said, “I’ve seen it. There are bone injuries, but the wound is smooth. As long as the operation is successful, there will be no major problems.”
Although he didn’t control the brilliant medical skills passed down by the Jiang family, he still knew a little bit.
Even more powerful than some so-called experts.
Xue Fangyang stopped, turned his head and glanced at Jiang Daoran, feeling a bit complicated.
The person in front of him was the one he wanted to kill, and even that assassin was found by him in order to assassinate Jiang Daoran and force Jiang Ning to take action, so as to prove their father-son relationship.
The results of it?
With such a big mistake, he almost killed his own son!
If he doesn’t understand that there is a problem with the Pang family, then he, the Patriarch of the Xue family, don’t be the case.
Xue Fangyang didn’t speak much, he didn’t know what to say to Jiang Daoran, he simply hummed, and didn’t say any more.
Although the two people are related to the brother-in-law and brother-in-law, they have not been in contact for more than ten years.
Xue Fangyang couldn’t see Jiang Daoran, or even Jiang’s family.
But today, without Jiang Daoran, Xue Kai must be dead, and he might even be dead.
Xue Fangyang felt a little uncomfortable to owe such a big favor.
“Big Brother!”
From a distance, Xue Ning ran over quickly, with anxious expression on his face.
“How is Xue Kai?”
When she heard the news, she hurried over.
“Still operating.”
Xue Fangyang glanced at Xue Ning, his expression a little unnatural, he was still angry with his sister.
Angry that she married Jiang Daoran and shared the resources of the Xue family.
“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.”
Jiang Daoran comforted Xue Ning.
“That’s good, that’s good.”
Xue Ning patted his chest, feeling nervous and afraid.
She heard that something happened at the expo and Xue Kai was almost killed. Even Jiang Daoran was very dangerous, and Xue Ning fainted directly.
After waking up, she rushed to the hospital for fear of something that she could not accept.
Seeing that Jiang Daoran was safe and sound, Xue Kai’s life was not in danger, so he was relieved.
“Nothing? It’s better to be fine!”
Xue Fangyang snorted, “Don’t choose a good thing to say now, wait for the result to come out!
Xue Ning frowned slightly.
She had heard that it was Jiang Daoran who was desperate to rescue Xue Kai. What kind of attitude was Xue Fangyang?
At Jiang Daoran, still yelling?
Everyone is the top wealthy patriarch, with equal status and status. Why does Xue Fangyang speak like this.
She was about to rebut, Jiang Daoran waved his hand.
“Since you are all here, I will go first, and when the result comes out, tell me.”
He looked at Xue Ning, and after speaking, he turned and left without saying hello to Xue Fangyang.
No one wants to put a hot face on a cold buttocks.
Xue Ning looked ugly as Jiang Daoran left.
“Brother, you are too much!”
She angrily said, “If it weren’t for Dao Ran today, what would happen to Xue Kai, don’t you know?”
“You still speak in that tone, do you really think Dao owes you!”
She wants to protect her man, even if the person standing opposite is her eldest brother.
Xue Ning held his breath for a long time. Since she married Jiang Daoran, Xue Fangyang has been ridiculing.
He even always treated Jiang Daoran with a superior appearance, but Jiang Daoran never said a word.

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