Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 914

“Pangbo, you weren’t like this before, why are you so confused this time?”
Pangbo was a little unconvinced.
“Second uncle, how can you be sure that Jiang Ning did this thing?”
Pang Feihang’s eyes shrank without explanation, but his expression became more and more gloomy.
“Are you questioning me?”
Pangbo shook his head: “I just want to make things clear, even if my dad is here, I will ask the same.”
Pang Feihang sneered, “If your father were here, you would be dead!”
The harsh tone made Pangbo tremble.
His throat instantly dried out, and he dared not refute.
“Stop talking nonsense, send someone immediately to find the assassin, and be sure to bring him back!”
“Second Uncle…”
“I tell you, our Pang family is not ready yet. If your father’s plan is destroyed in your hands, you will undoubtedly die!”
Even if Pangbo is the future Patriarch of the Pang family, but he made such a mistake, he will still be punished severely!
Pang Bo was stiff, gritted his teeth and shouted: “Yes!”
He dared not say anything.
What if he is the future Patriarch of the Pang family?
For so many years, the so-called future Patriarch of the Pang family hasn’t changed enough?
Pangbo is the number one, he doesn’t even know it!
In the Pang family, there is no solid Patriarch, even if it is Pang Feihang, now the entire Pang family may not have the right to make decisions about all matters of the Pang family.
Seeing Pangbo running out in a panic, Pang Feihang shook his head, his face looked very disappointed.
“It seems that the plan has to be advanced.”
He was a little angry, things were not ready yet, it was too early.
He took a deep breath, said nothing, entered the inner hall, walked a few more corridors, and walked deep into the backyard.
Pang Feihang opened three doors before entering an underground passage, and winding forward for a full five minutes, the road in front of him gradually became brighter.
The empty cave is hidden deep in the backyard of the Pang family.
There is nothing here, there is only one person sitting on the ground, like a piece of dead wood, motionless, even breathing, as if there is no, I can’t feel it at all.
There are fist marks on the surrounding stone walls!
On the wall, there are many cracks and traces of blood, which are already mottled and withered, which is shocking to see.
“Big Brother.”
Pang Feihang bowed his hands and shouted respectfully.
The person sitting there still said nothing.
“The plan, I’m afraid it has to be advanced.”
Hearing these words, the sitting man slowly opened his eyes, and his deep eyes made Pang Feihang take a look, and he felt his heart beating suddenly.
Two words, the voice is hoarse and low.
“The situation may change. The threat is great, and the Pang family can’t hide it anymore.”
Pang Fei Channel, “Only in advance.”
The person sitting there did not speak, and closed his eyes again.
Pang Feihang bowed slightly, not daring to say any more.
He didn’t know the decision of Big Brother, he couldn’t make a decision for this kind of thing.
“Watch the changes.”
For a long time, there were only these four words.
Before the time had come, and before he could do it, no one thought that things would suddenly turn out like this. Pang Feihang really had an impulse to kill Pangbo directly!
This bastard, not enough success, more than failure!
Pang Feihang didn’t dare to bother anymore, and quietly walked out.
He just left, and the person sitting there opened his eyes again, his eyes sharp, like a blade!
He slammed a punch, and instantly caused a series of bursts of gas, crackling!

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