Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 918

People from the Pang family, how could they be here!
Especially, the clothes worn by one of them are exactly the same as the figure who just killed the killer!
“It’s the Pang family!”
The three of them looked solemn and didn’t dared to rush up directly. There were obviously a dozen people on the Pang family’s side, and it seemed that the strength of the people sent out was not low.
Even if they stepped forward, they might not be able to escape!
“Go back and tell the Patriarch!”
The killer is dead, and it makes no sense to bring a corpse back.
But it’s the Pang family’s hands that can be determined, and that’s the same!
The three of them did not waste any more time and immediately returned to Xue’s house.
The corner of the shadow was over, Jiang Ning stood there, took off his face mask, eyes deep, watching the back of the three people leaving.
“Now, just look at the Pang family, can you hide it?”
At that time.
Xue Fangyang just came out of Xue Kai’s room.
Xue Kai’s injury is not minor. Although the operation is successful, there will be no problem standing up in the future, but it will have some impact.
The three of them walked up to Xue Fangyang, knelt down on one knee, and shouted respectfully, “I found it.”
“But, I was killed!”
Xue Fangyang’s face sank: “Who killed it?”
“Pang Family!”
The three looked at each other and said, “When I track down the assassin, I am about to succeed. The Pang family suddenly shot and killed the assassin. We didn’t have time to grab it!
“Pang Family?”
Xue Fangyang’s eyes instantly burst into anger, boiling and rolling!
“You are sure!”
“Yes, the three of me saw it at the same time. In order to make sure there was no problem, we hid in the dark and saw the Pang family and took away the killer’s body.
“They went there for the killer!”
Xue Fangyang sneered.
It really is the Pang family!
This Pangbobu game was not aimed at Jiang Daoran at all, but at his own Xue family.
Even the killer he was looking for was arranged in advance by the Pang family. Xue Fangyang remembered that this killer seemed to have been found by one of his confidants.
And this confidant, these two days, seems to have disappeared.
I really have an afterthought!
“The Pang family, it seems that the ambition is really big.”
Xue Fangyang’s expression was ugly, so it was almost that his Xue family and his son died under the assassin’s hands. If so, wouldn’t the Pang family effortlessly inflict the Xue family!
“Patriarch, there are more than a dozen people sent by the Pang family, at least all masters at the master level, and one of them is a great master.”
Xue Fangyang nodded.
The assassin was of great importance, and naturally, no mistakes were allowed, but he sent ten masters of the master level, and even a great master. In order to kill people, the Pang family was able to do this.
“The three of you, stare at the Pang family right now, and tell me immediately if they hear anything!”
Three people left.
Xue Fangyang frowned, feeling some pressure.
The Pang family has always been mysterious, especially the Pang Feiyan, who hasn’t shown up for a long time, and now suddenly they attacked themselves, what do they want to do?
It seems that in the exposition, there is an arrow that was specifically shot at Jiang Daoran?
“He thought, destroy the Xue family and the Jiang family, the two top wealthy families?”
Xue Fangyang’s eyes shrank suddenly, “Rampant!”
“Don’t think about it!”
He turned his head and shouted, “Where is the housekeeper?”
The butler ran over quickly.
“Prepare some gifts for me immediately, I’m going to Jiang’s house,”
Xue Fangyang said, “Thanks to Jiang Daoran for saving my son!”

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