Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 922

After spending so much time, the eldest brother has thoroughly researched that page of boxing score?
too frightening!
The door of the cave opened and the light became bright.
At the door, Pangbo had been arrested and returned. At this moment, he was kneeling there.
Seeing Pang Feiyan coming out, Pangbo trembled and his mouth was blocked, but he still struggled to shout out, “Dad, dad–”
He was terrified and regretted even more, and his body was like a sieve.
Seeing Pang Feiyan’s eyes was enough to scare him away by half!
“You are really my good son.”
Pang Feiyan walked over, stretched out his hand and patted Pangbo’s brain, “If you weren’t for your own cleverness, my Pang family’s plan doesn’t seem to need to be advanced.”
Pangbo stiffened, shook his head desperately, trying to explain but couldn’t speak at all.
“But it doesn’t matter anymore, destroy the other three and integrate them, then my Pang family will have the strength to fight against that person.”
Pang Feiyan’s words relaxed Pang Bo’s heart slightly.
Tiger Poison didn’t even eat seeds, Pang Feiyan let him go after all.
“Thanks, thank you dad, I…”
Pang Bo shouted vaguely, but when he was halfway through his words, his eyes suddenly widened, and the light in his eyes dissipated almost instantly!
On his forehead, blood flowed, along the eyebrows, the bridge of the nose, flowed to the mouth, to the chin, dripping to the ground, and immediately, the whole person thumped and fell heavily!
Pang Feiyan retracted his palm, never looking at Pang Bo again.
He turned his head and looked at Pang Feihang with a solemn expression, with a cold tone: “Does he deserve to die?”
Pang Feihang said immediately.
“Anyone who loses the interests of the Pang family or betrays the Pang family, I will kill it myself!”
Pang Feiyan’s voice resounded like a thunderstorm, resounding through the voices of all the Pang family masters, including several master-level masters. They all had a serious expression and did not dare to refute.
They could feel that Pang Feiyan today is completely different from the past!
The murderous aura alone is just like the essence, making people feel depressed, so terrible.
Pang Feihang brought a long robe and put it on for Pang Feiyan. He still had his hair loose, giving him a arrogant feeling, strong and compelling!
“Go, I will take you to kill!”
Pang Feiyan laughed loudly, and rushed out from under his feet, and several great masters immediately followed him.
Afterwards, there were more than a dozen master-level masters…
at the same time!
The Xue family and the Long family are doing their best to deal with it!
They can all feel that the Pang family will definitely do it, and it will be tonight.
People of the Pang family won’t wait until the next day.
Xue Fangyang entered the gate of the Jiang family, which meant that the three would unite. Even if it was only the appearance, the Pang family would not hesitate at all, because they had no choice at all!
This is completely forcing the Pang family to make a choice, and it is no longer possible for them to hide.
The Long Family, like an enemy at this moment!
Where did Long Fei dare to pretend to be crazy and stupid, with a serious face, summoned all the masters of the Long Family, and defended tightly!
“Even if you die, you have to guard the Long’s house, do you understand it!”
Long Fei shouted.
He had a serious expression, standing at the forefront, with a solemn face that Long Linger had never seen before.
“You go in!”
Long Fei’s head didn’t turn back, “Long Family, it’s my eldest brother to protect me. Even if I die, I won’t let you have anything to do!”

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