Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 925

Jiang Hai felt that the blood in his body had become boiling.
Compared with these real masters, he is too weak!
But even if he is weak, he still has to stand in front of Jiang Daoran!
At least, I can die for him!
Three fierce battles!
Pang Feiyan’s fist was too overbearing, and when he blasted out of his punch, it could produce a popping sound.
“Hahaha, enjoyable! enjoyable!”
He yelled, “I couldn’t kill you back then. Today, I see where you are going to escape!”
Yan Chinan and He Linbei, without saying a word, broke out of their strongest strength, and joined forces to deal with Pang Feiyan.
I haven’t seen each other for so many years, and Pang Feiyan’s strength is truly unfathomable.
The two knew that they would not be able to stop Pang Feiyan today, but no matter what, even if they died, they would not take a step back.
“Be careful……”
Jiang Daoran’s eyes were red, and he wanted to rush over, but he knew that he would not be able to help if he passed, but would drag the two elders.
Pang Feiyan is too strong!
How could he become so powerful?
Did he already get one of those things?
It’s him!
That person back then was him!
Jiang Daoran’s eyes flickered. Back then, the people who wanted to kill the Jiang family and take away the inheritance of the Jiang family were extremely powerful. If Yan Chinan and He Linbei had not joined forces to stop them, the Jiang family back then would be gone!
Then he had no choice but to marry the Xue family to make the Jiang family stronger and become a top wealthy family in order to protect himself.
Even Jiang Ning’s mother and son have made sacrifices for this!
Jiang Daoran gritted his teeth, his eyes are bloodshot, he hates it!
He hates it!
If it weren’t for Pang Feiyan, how could his Jiang family get away with his wife, how could he lose Jiang Ning’s mother, how could he… Until now, Jiang Ning would not recognize himself as his father!
In the compound, Pang Feiyan made two punches in succession, hitting Yan Chinan and He Linbei’s chest heavily, directly knocking them out.
The sound of cracking bones made the two old people’s faces pale instantly!
Pang Feiyan laughed, like crazy, “You are weaker than you were before!”
“Is it old?”
He walked over step by step, staring at Yan Chinan and He Linbei, “Then I will send you on the road!”
As soon as the voice fell, he rushed over again.
Yan Chinan and He Linbei did not hesitate at all. They slapped their palms on the ground, and they bounced and fought again with Pang Feiyan.
However, after a short while, the two were hit again, flew out, hit the wall heavily, and opened their mouths to spurt blood!
Jiang Daoran roared.
The two elders can’t stop Pang Feiyan, they will die!
Pang Feiyan glanced at Yan Chinan and He Linbei, ignored them, and snorted with disdain.
“You should have died a long time ago. It’s enough to live for so many years.”
After speaking, he turned his head and stared at Jiang Daoran, the light in his eyes became colder and colder, “Jiang Daoran, it’s your turn.”
“Master, run away!”
Jiang Hai put on a posture, as if approaching an enemy, yelling anxiously, “You leave, I will hold him!”
“Go away!”
Before Jiang Daoran reacted, Pang Feiyan had already arrived!
His speed is too fast!
Jiang Hai didn’t have time to react at all. With a snap, the whole person was overturned by Pang Feiyan’s palm. After rolling a few times on the ground, one arm had already been reversed.
I passed out instantly!
Jiang Daoran’s eyes were red, “Pang Feiyan! I’m fighting with you!”
As soon as he took a step forward, Pang Feiyan reached out his hand in an instant, as fast as lightning, and suddenly grabbed Jiang Daoran’s neck and directly lifted him up.
Jiang Daoran’s eyes widened. He didn’t expect that Pang Feiyan would become so terrible!
“I, I killed… you!”

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