Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 929

He shook the north and exploded the big fish Pang Feiyan, but he was not the one he was looking for.
Jiang Ning didn’t expect that the person in charge of the hidden door would hide so deep!
At the moment when the two people fought, Jiang Ning could feel that this person is the master, extremely powerful!
I am afraid it is not weaker than myself.
And with that punch, Jiang Ning clearly felt a familiar breath!
Same as his boxing technique!
Even Pang Feiyan’s boxing technique is the same.
The three men’s boxing techniques have the same breath, which is so strange.
“He really shows up again.”
Yan Chinan sighed, with some fear on his face, “Don’t chase, beware of fraud!”
Jiang Ning turned his head and glanced at him.
“He is the Lord?”
Yan Chinan nodded.
“Do you know who his true identity is?”
“I don’t know.”
Jiang Ning frowned. Even people like Yan Chinan who had been in contact with the Lord more than once did not know who his true identity was?
Isn’t this person too mysterious?
“Your boxing technique…”
He Linbei looked at Jiang Ning and couldn’t help but speak, “How old is it?”
Jiang Ning nodded, thinking that these two people would know his master.
I just heard Pang Feiyan say that Jiang Daoran gave him this page of boxing scores on his body?
What happened back then?
Jiang Daoran was still coughing violently, his face paled, and Xue Ning, who was holding him in his arms, gradually eased out of breath.
Just a little bit, both of them are going to die!
If it wasn’t for Jiangning to arrive in time…
At this moment, Jiang Daoran turned his head and looked at Jiang Ning, his lips trembled, but he couldn’t say a word.
Fifteen years!
Fifteen years!
He has only met Jiang Ning twice.
Last time, it was Jiang Ning who wanted to kill himself, and was stopped by Yan Chinan and He Linbei and moved out of Jiangning’s master He Laodao. Otherwise, he would have died at that time.
Died in the hands of his own son!
And this time, Jiang Ning was here to save him.
“Why… why do you want to save me.”
For a long time, Jiang Daoran said softly.
“Actually, I still want to kill you!”
Jiangning Road.
Jiang Daoran gave a wry smile and closed his eyes.
If Jiang Ning wanted to kill, he would definitely not resist at all.
“No! Don’t kill him!”
When Xue Ning heard this, he was immediately anxious.
“Jiangning! Your dad didn’t apologize to your mother and son, he didn’t…”
“Don’t say it!”
Jiang Daoran shouted.
“I want to say!”
Xue Ning didn’t care, she didn’t want to see Jiang Daoran die, those bright red eyes were already full of tears.
“Back then, it was your mother’s choice to protect your dad and protect the Jiang family…”
Xue Ning said while crying, “She loves your dad, and she loves it to the bones, but she does not leave, and will not allow the Jiang family to marry my Xue family. Everyone in the Jiang family will die, including you!”
Jiang Ning’s eyes trembled, and he glanced at Jiang Daoran.
“They are forced!”
Xue Ning cried, “There are no parents who don’t love their children. Your parents love you to their bones. Even if you marry me, your dad will not touch me or have another child…”
“No one can replace your mother and son, their position in his heart!”
Jiang Ning didn’t speak, but just looked at Jiang Daoran.
He suddenly discovered that Jiang Daoran was a little old, and there were some gray hair on the sideburns in his ears.
“The boxing score on your body is indeed given to you by Dao Ran. This is the inheritance of your Jiang family hidden in the medical books. He Lao Dao is only entrusted to protect you.”
Yan Chinan said, “The Lord has always wanted this page of boxing scores, and he has been looking for it.”
“It’s just that Pang Feiyan, who learned that the Jiang family has a boxing book, wanted to steal it by himself and concealed the news.

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