Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 931

Jiang Daoran shook his head repeatedly, hugging Xue Ning, and said anxiously: “No! If you want to kill, kill me! Don’t kill her!”
“She has nothing to do with that!”
“She is a good friend of your mother. She promised your mother that she married me to take care of me. You can’t kill her!”
Jiang Dao was anxious, holding Xue Ning tightly, for fear that Jiang Ning would really do it.
Xue Ning also shook his head desperately.
The two are fighting to death, not wanting to see each other’s life.
“All right.”
Jiang Ning spoke, but Jiang Daoran and Xue Ning did not immediately speak any more.
He has decided, whose life will he want?
If Jiang Ning wants to make a move, Yan Chinan and He Linbei are absolutely unstoppable.
He Lao Dao is not here, and Jiang Ning will not listen to anyone.
“My mother, don’t let me kill him.”
Jiang Ning glanced at Jiang Daoran, “If I killed him, my mother would be angry if I was under Jiuquan.”
“I can’t make my mother angry.”
After speaking, Jiang Daoran burst into tears immediately.
He couldn’t help it, sobbing!
The woman I love the most, even if they are all dead, is still thinking about themselves, and still thinking of protecting themselves.
He is useless!
He is useless!
He had no choice but to let his woman suffer all the grievances and sufferings, and finally died miserably.
Jiang Daoran was guilty, blamed, and sad to the extreme.
“Doran! Doran!”
Xue Ning hugged him tightly and burst into tears, “You still have me, you still have me! I promised Meng Qing, I will take care of you, and I will do it.”
Jiang Ning looked at the two of them without speaking.
“Two seniors, if there is news from my master, please let me know.”
He turned his head and looked at Yan Chinan and He Lin North Road.
“it is good.”
Jiang Ning nodded, turned and left.
It seems that he still doesn’t want to stay in this Jiang family for too long.
Jiang Daoran and Xue Ning both looked up and watched Jiang Ning leave. Jiang Daoran opened his mouth, wanting to say, but didn’t know what to say.
He knew that Jiang Ning still wouldn’t recognize himself.
Suddenly, Jiang Ning stopped, he turned his head, looked at Jiang Daoran, and then took another look at Xue Ning.
“After waiting for you for fifteen years, be nice to her, my mother won’t be angry.”
After speaking, he left without looking back.
Jiang Daoran panted quickly, surprised and touched again, did Jiang Ning talk to him?
Jiang Ning was talking to him just now!
He asked himself to treat Xue Ning better, what did he mean!
“Did you hear that?”
Jiang Daoran hugged Xue Ning, “He just told me, let me treat you better!”
“I heard it! I heard it!”
Xue Ning was also surprised and moved.
The two hugged each other tightly.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I used to be afraid of hurting another person. I didn’t dare to accept you. I’m sorry, I made you wait for fifteen years.”
Jiang Daoran hugged Xue Ning and refused to let go, “From today on, I won’t let you be wronged again, no more.”
Xue Ning just nodded, nodded desperately, crying, unable to say a word.
“Jiangning, thank you, you are a good boy.”
She can only silently said in her heart.
at the same time!
Xue family!
Seeing the people in the Pang family, all fell, Xue Fangyang panted quickly, his face turned pale, and he was still frightened!
“Thank you, thank you Mr. Afei!”
He didn’t expect the Pang family to be so powerful!
Even more unexpectedly, when life and death were at stake, A Fei suddenly arrived with someone.
If A Fei hadn’t arrived in time, the Xue family would be really in trouble tonight!
It’s just that the Xue family and A Fei have never been in contact with people like A Fei, and they are not even friends. How could he take such a big risk to save the Xue family?

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