Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 933

The Pang family was destroyed overnight!
This is the top wealthy family in the north, and its comprehensive strength is the strongest among the four top wealthy families.
But suddenly it was gone overnight!
Even no one knows how and why the Pang family disappeared.
It seems that yesterday, Pang Bo, the young master of the Pang family, had just held an expo, which was huge.
But in a blink of an eye, one night passed, and the Pang family…was gone.
Early in the morning, the news spread, completely shocking the North.
If it is said that the changes in the north during this period of time have made many families of large surnames frightened, then the death of the Long Family Patriarch is tantamount to a heavy hammer in their hearts!
Make them more cautious!
But this time, the Pang family was destroyed overnight, causing all the big family families to tremble.
In particular, those who did a lot of wrong things secretly and held a lot of ill-gotten wealth in their hands were extremely frightened, and they took the initiative to report themselves, preferring to be severely punished, and not wanting to go to bed one day and never again. Can’t wake up.
Even the Pang family, such a behemoth, has been low-key for so many years, and the big family that has never been swayed has been destroyed overnight. What are they worth?
And what makes them even more nervous, the remaining three top wealthy families seem to be united.
What are they afraid of?
They, because they were afraid that the Pang family would be destroyed overnight, so they chose to join hands to protect themselves!
This is too scary!
For a while, no one dared to mess around in the entire north, as if entering a special state, and being extremely cautious everywhere.
And the three top wealthy families now also know what kind of state the North should be like now.
Long family.
“Let’s continue to inform and shrink all industries. The current Long Family is not pursuing development, but survival.”
As the new owner of the Long Family, Long Linger said one thing is true, “In the Long Family’s industry, illegal and criminal activities are not allowed, otherwise, severe punishment will not be granted!”
She turned to look at Long Fei, and Long Fei nodded: “It’s fine for you to make a decision. I support you.”
“In addition, regarding the layout of the Lin Group in the north,”
Long Linger took a deep breath, “Long Family, fully support!”
The dozens of core members of the Long Family sitting below shouted in unison.
At the same time, the Xue family is also making corresponding deployments.
Xue Fangyang didn’t hesitate anymore, and he didn’t dare to hesitate. Early in the morning, he gathered the core members of the Xue family together.
“From today, the Xue family and the Jiang family are alliances,”
He said loudly, “We are a community of interests. The rise and fall of the Jiang family is the rise and fall of my Xue family, do you understand?”
“Also, regarding the Lin Group and the major industries of the Xue family, we fully support them, and there is no mistake!”
Xue Fangyang glanced around, narrowing his eyes slightly.
Confirming Jiang Ning’s identity, and seeing Jiang Ning’s strength with his own eyes, he knows very well that if there is a king in the north, it will definitely be Jiang Ning!
But Jiangning is not interested in the north.
With his status and status, even the supreme power can be given up and go to the north. What is it?
Xue Fangyang knew that it was very difficult for him to make good friends with Jiangning, because they weren’t of the same level at all, and they didn’t have the foundation to be friends.
But as long as he has a good relationship with the Jiang family, at least he can be assured that the Xue family will have no worries for decades.
The two top wealthy families made their most important decisions in the first time.
And the Jiang family, naturally, needless to say.
Jiang Daoran slept well, and when he woke up, Xue Ning had already cooked breakfast for him.

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