Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 935

Pang Feiyan was fearless, staring, and roaring: “Come on! Kill me!”
The Lord was not irritated, and remained calm.
He carefully put away the fist sheet.
For so many years, in order to find these boxing scores, he spent countless efforts, and it was not easy to find some clues, but he did not expect that Pang Feiyan, the second messenger, would secretly hide.
Even the news about the Jiang family’s boxing book page was blocked by Pang Feiyan.
Otherwise, he should have three pages of boxing scores now!
“Kill you?”
The Lord squinted his eyes, “That’s not too cheap for you.”
He waved, and the two figures behind him immediately stepped forward and bowed their heads respectfully.
“The rules of the hidden door are always something that someone doesn’t take seriously. It seems that I have to tell you again,”
Lord Shangsen said coldly, “What is the fate of betraying the hidden gate? I need you to have a clear understanding.”
He glanced at Pang Feiyan, the indifference in his eyes made Pang Feiyan’s body tremble.
“what you up to?”
“Naturally, you can’t survive, and you can’t die!”
The Lord waved his hand, “Take it down!”
“Bastard! You bastard! Kill me directly if you have the ability! Kill me!”
Pang Feiyan yelled, but he had no power to resist. He could only be dragged away like a dead dog.
The Lord stood there. In front of him, there were ten people wearing black clothes, each wearing a different mask, and could not see anything except the eyes.
They stood there with respectful faces, not daring to show any more disrespect to the Lord.
As powerful as Pang Feiyan, this is considered a top powerhouse at the level of Grand Master, and in front of the Lord, it is still vulnerable!
Even if the Lord gave them a chance to challenge, who would dare to go up again?
The second messenger Pang Feiyan, the fifth messenger Long Xiang, and the sixth messenger are always in the Yuan, and they all die in the hands of the Lord. Who else would dare to be disrespectful to him!
The Lord’s eyes swept across, a dozen people, their expressions serious, even their breathing did not dare to fluctuate at all.
“From today, leave the north and scatter in search of Jidao boxing. No matter how much you pay, you must find other boxing books in the shortest time!”
He coldly ordered.
A dozen people shouted in unison.
“Master, that Jiangning…”
If you kill that Jiang Ning, you won’t be able to get another page of the boxing score.
Moreover, that Jiang Ning is so young that he can understand a page of fists, and I am afraid it will be very troublesome in the future.
The person who spoke did not continue to say, but the Lord didn’t know what he wanted to say.
“The time has not come, he still has the value of being alive.”
The Lord said lightly, “It’s okay to just one page of boxing scores.”
He waved his hand, and a dozen people immediately dispersed.
The Lord stood there with his hands behind him, looking at the tea pavilion. It has been here for a long time. Now it seems that this tea pavilion has no effect.
He suddenly raised his foot and kicked directly on the pillar, and the whole tea pavilion collapsed!
The Lord didn’t look at it again, turned and left.
There is no point in staying in this north. The two pages of boxing score that appeared, I got one page by myself, which was not bad, but it took too long.
The other page is still on Jiang Ning, not in a hurry.
Others are more important.
There was no trace on the Lord, and all that was left was the fragments of the collapsed teahouse.
Jiang Ning was standing at the door, and A Fei handed him a cigarette. The wind was blowing a little bit loudly, making people’s eyes a little bewildered.
“From the north side, I will stare at you, brother, don’t worry,”
A Fei said, “The latest news that I just got, the important figures of several big family names have disappeared.”

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