Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 939

It turns out that taking a nap is such a comfortable thing.
For the first time, Jiang Ning felt that Lin Yu was really too.
One afternoon, neither of them got out of the room, and Lin Yu really shrank into Jiang Ning’s arms, her face like a peach blossom.
She didn’t even dare to lift her head!
Even up to this moment, she still didn’t react. Jiang Ning was clearly asleep, how could she wake up again.
Then give yourself to…
“It seems dark.”
Jiang Ning was not tired at all, but was full of energy.
He looked down at Lin Yuzhen, “Are you still tired?”
Lin Yu really hummed softly, raising his arm a little lazy, “somewhat.”
She raised her head and looked at Jiang Ning, the two of them looked at each other.
“Husband, will you have a baby like this?”
Jiang Ning was startled, and immediately said seriously: “Maybe it’s still close, we still need to work hard.”
“it is good.”
Lin Yuzhen bit her lip, her voice getting softer and softer, as if a mosquito was flapping its wings, “Then… do it again?”
Jiangning suddenly couldn’t laugh or cry.
“No, there will be a celebration banquet in the evening,”
He kissed Lin Yuzhen on the forehead, “Next day… Fang Chang.”
I took a look at the time, and it was getting late. For the evening celebration banquet, the two of them must be present. I don’t know how many employees, but they are all waiting for their bonuses.
The two got up for a wash, changed their clothes, and were about to go out.
Su Mei and Lin Wen were ready a long time ago, but seeing Jiang Ning working hard outside, came back to rest, and couldn’t bear to disturb him.
Both of them slept for a long time this afternoon, and it seemed that they were really tired.
Seeing Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen coming downstairs, Su Mei raised her head and glanced: “Get up? Ready to go.”
Suddenly, when she saw Lin Yuzhen’s face was slightly red, she seemed to be a little shy.
“what’s happenin?”
Su Mei hurriedly asked, “Is it uncomfortable? His face is so red.”
She stretched out her hand to touch it, Lin Wen grabbed him, her old face flushed: “Why touch it, such an adult, she is uncomfortable, she knows it, you care too much!”
While whispering something to Su Mei, while pulling her away, he looked back at Jiang Ning and blinked, as if asking, are you planning to give us a grandson?
“I blame you!”
Lin Yu really kicked Jiang Ning and groaned, “My parents will know.”
“They are all over here,”
Jiang Ning smiled, “Otherwise, where did you come from?”
“Let’s go, don’t wait for the employees to wait in a hurry.”
The family drove directly towards the headquarters of the Lin Group.
At this moment, the sky has dimmed, but the headquarters of the Lin Group is still brightly lit.
In the lobby on the first floor, the atmosphere is so warm that it explodes!
Food, wine, beauty, everything!
The female employees, who are struggling for beauty, all put on their best-looking dresses, and the male employees, naturally, will not miss this opportunity to take out the brand-name suits that have been hidden in the wardrobe for a long time to show their demeanor.
Maybe there will be a windfall tonight.
At the door, the car horn rang twice.
“President, they are here!”
Someone yelled, and the employees in the hall ran out one after another.
“Welcome the President! Welcome Mrs. President!”
The voice is enthusiastic!
“Welcome President Lin!”
The voice is louder, and the applause is throbbing!
“Welcome to Brother Ning!”
The person who shouted was almost screaming, and the voice was going to be broken.
The applause was enthusiastic, and it broke out like thunder.
The mountain shouted like a tsunami.
“Brother Ning! Brother Ning! Brother Ning!”
Jiang Ning stretched out his hand to pressure, and the voice stopped abruptly.
Lin Yuzhen’s family was amazed at this kind of control, this company…isn’t it more appropriate to call Jiang’s?
“Let you wait a long time.”
Jiang Ning smiled and said loudly, “Tonight, everyone eat and drink and have fun, and tomorrow I will give you a day off!”
“Ning Ge mighty!”
The shouting sounded again.
Jiang Ning laughed.
He led everyone into the hall and looked at the pile of cash piled up like a hill, red, like ripe apples, very attractive!

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