Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 946

“What is noisy!”
The burly man standing at the door picked up the stick on the ground and banged on the iron railing with a loud bang.
“No matter how noisy it is, don’t blame Lao Tzu for being rude!”
He roared, and a dozen workers dared not speak.
They knew that the burly man in front of him was called Baimao. He was not an ordinary person. He was notoriously fierce in the local area. He was extremely ruthless in dealing with troubles in various minerals!
“Fuck me!”
There are not many white hairs, just a bunch of white hairs on the top of the head, which earned him such a nickname.
He glanced coldly, his face full of disdain, “Don’t you know, who is Lao Tzu?”
“Whoever bluffs here, I will break his leg!”
The harsh tone caused more than a dozen workers to shake their bodies.
“Zhou’s salary has been delayed for too long, he said that this month will be paid…”
Someone couldn’t help but screamed in a muffled voice in the crowd.
Bai Mao looked up, squinted his eyes, swept his eyes, stopped on a person, and sneered.
“You come out and tell me?”
The man was silent, blushing, daring not to speak.
But Bai Mao didn’t want to let him go, holding a stick, dragging a line on the ground, and walking directly towards the man, his eyes were so fierce that the worker suddenly became nervous.
“You, what do you want to do…”
“do what?”
Baimao’s eyes were fierce, and the corners of his eyes twitched suddenly, “I just said to keep you quiet, do you still dare to speak, do you look down on Laozi, or do you think that what I say is like farting?”
He picked up the stick and suddenly hit the worker’s leg.
There was a crisp sound, and then there was a scream!
The worker fell to the ground instantly and wailed in pain.
“what are you doing!”
The other workers were angry, their eyes red.
“Why, you also want to be broken?”
Baimao is alone, facing a dozen workers, without fear, and still disdain. He knows that these people dare not resist at all, and thousands of dollars can make them kneel down!
Cheesy dog ​​stuff!
However, after he finished speaking, a dozen workers did not back down at all.
They are really pressed!
The dog jumped over the wall in a hurry, and the rabbit bites people in a hurry, not to mention that they are all human!
It’s a living person!
The family is waiting for the money to cook, the children are waiting for the money to go to school, and the elderly are waiting for the money to see a doctor. No one can bear it!
“Fight with them!”
I don’t know who shouted, full of anger.
Immediately a second person yelled, and after that, a dozen people reddened their eyes and all rushed over.
Today, if they don’t ask for money, they won’t be able to survive, and they will die!
“You are looking for death!”
Baimao stared wide-eyed and roared. Someone dared to resist and didn’t put him in his eyes?
If this spreads out, why is he still messing around in Xishan City!
The stick in his hand swung violently, and directly hit the arm of the worker in front of him. With a snap, it was extremely painful!
He lifted a kick and fiercely kicked the other person to the ground.
Years and nights digging, exhausted workers, nowhere are Baimao’s ruthless opponents, but in a moment, a few people fell to the ground and wailed in pain.
“Who else!”
With a loud roar, Bai Mao frightened several other people, immediately unable to move, and trembling with anger. “

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