Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 951

Zhou Zhenghu screamed, two bones in his chest broke instantly!
He held Jiang Ning’s feet with both hands, his face pale: “Let go, let go… let go!”
Jiang Ning’s feet seemed to weigh a thousand catties, and he couldn’t move at all if he stepped on him.
Jiang Ning slapped again and slapped Zhou Zhenghu’s face: “Let go? I will let you go now, do you dare to go?”
Zhou Zhenghu dare not say a word.
Is this man in front of him a lunatic?
He was almost scared to death!
too frightening!
Terribly tough!
Terribly overbearing!
Jiang Ning grabbed Zhou Zhenghu by the collar and threw him on the sofa. Zhou Zhenghu was so painful that he curled up on the sofa and screamed in pain.
“Have you finished shouting?”
Jiang Ning sat opposite and spoke softly, Zhou Zhenghu immediately did not dare to speak.
He looked at Jiang Ning with jealousy, his lips were trembling, Lin’s people are so domineering?
Don’t they know that this is Xishan City, not Donghai!
But he thought so in his heart, but he didn’t dare to say it, because he knew that if he spoke, Jiang Ning would immediately swell his face without being polite.
He can only nod his head and dare not talk nonsense.
“Since Black Star Mining Co., Ltd. has been acquired by Lin’s, everything must be implemented in accordance with Lin’s system.”
Jiang Ning said, “The first and most important one is not to be in arrears of wages!”
Zhou Zhenghu opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but after thinking about it, he didn’t say anything.
“You gave the salary you deserved right away,”
Jiang Ning ignored Zhou Zhenghu’s face and said directly, “Are there any problems?”
Zhou Zhenghu gritted his teeth, his voice trembling: “No, no problem.”
Does he dare to say there is a problem?
In the corridor outside, more than a dozen people can’t stand up until now, let alone the white hair, I’m afraid they are all dead!
If he dared to say no word, Jiang Ning would dare to make him unable to live today.
Zhou Zhenghu hated him, this Lin family came as he pleased, and he was so strong that he was not prepared at all.
If your own people are here, what will be unlucky today is this bastard in front of you!
“What are you still waiting for?”
Seeing Zhou Zhenghu sitting there without moving, Jiang Ning frowned slightly, “Take the money!”
“Yes Yes Yes!”
Where did Zhou Zhenghu dare to say no words, Jiang Ning, a fierce and evil person, really dare to unscrew his head!
He struggled and got up from the sofa, the pain in his chest made him grin.
When I walked to the safe, I looked back at Jiang Ning, and his apple slid: “You, can you avoid it, I need to enter the password…”
“Stop talking nonsense!”
The entire mining company owns the money in a safe deposit box, still want to own it?
Jiang Ning gave a cold drink, and Zhou Zhenghu dared not say any more. He hurriedly entered the password and opened the safe, which contained piles of banknotes.
He immediately took a bag, put all the money out, and while pretending, he thought to himself, how to contact his own people and kill Jiang Ning!
Jiang Ning glanced at a big bag at random. There were about five to six hundred thousand, which was almost enough.
This guy, can put so much money in the safe, but says he has no money to pay the workers?
What a fucking black heart!
“This, the money is enough to send them.”
Zhou Zhenghu’s heart is bleeding, hundreds of thousands!
This is the way he stays in the office so that he can bring women here to play and use money to stimulate women, but today he wants to use it to make the workers cheaper.
“Will you post it soon? Wait for me to come.”
Jiang Ning glanced at Zhou Zhenghu, so scared that Zhou Zhenghu dared not hesitate anymore, he immediately walked outside.
In the corridor, more than a dozen people were still on the ground, unable to move. Seeing Jiang Ning came, even if their legs were broken, they still had to move desperately to lean a little aside.

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