Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 952

Zhou Zhenghu is terrified!
The more I look at it, the more my heart trembles!
How could Lin have such a ruthless person?
These subordinates are all good players. They have been with him for many years and have dealt with him many times in disputes in the mine.
Full of shock!
But now, seeing Jiang Ning is the same as seeing a ghost, it’s too late to hide.
He walked outside the door and saw Baimao and others, also lying on the ground, shivering and wailing in pain, and his heart sank suddenly.
In total, there are nearly forty people here, all of whom were Jiang Ning alone?
Is he still a human!
“Kneel down!”
As soon as Zhou Zhenghu walked in front of the workers, Jiang Ning kicked him in the back of his knee. Zhou Zhenghu immediately knelt down and said, “Apologize!”
He screamed, in pain, his knee hit the stone slab, and there was a loud bang that made his legs numb in an instant.
The workers in Watson stared blankly, with complicated expressions on their faces.
Especially those who are still worried that Jiang Ning will endure hardship, are even more stunned at this moment.
Jiang Ning actually arrested Zhou Zhenghu?
He is too powerful!
“Yes, I’m sorry!”
Zhou Zhenghu had to lower his head, gritted his teeth, flushed, and yelled in a low voice.
“Have you heard?”
Jiang Ning glanced at Watson and the others, “He apologized to you, did you hear that?”
The group of workers is quiet.
Suddenly, I don’t know who shouted: “I didn’t hear it!”
Jiang Ning slapped Zhou Zhenghu’s face immediately, “They said I didn’t hear it!”
Zhou Zhenghu was almost crying, kneeling on the ground, he just wanted to desperately, turning his head to see Jiang Ning’s eyes, the anger on his face disappeared in an instant, and his voice immediately softened.
“I’m sorry!”
He shouted.
Those workers, when they heard this I’m sorry, their eyes suddenly turned red.
Even if they knew that Zhou Zhenghu had no sincerity, Jiang Ning was forcibly pressed his head and forced him to apologize.
It sounds like it still gives them a sense of fun!
Zhou Zhenghu should apologize!
You should kneel down and apologize to everyone!
“Now, to pay everyone arrears of wages, he will take as much as he owes you.”
Jiang Ning said, “Watson, you are the first to come!”
Watson was still a little afraid, standing there nervously, taking money from Zhou Zhenghu?
He was suddenly scared.
“It’s okay, that was originally your money, go get it.”
Lin Yuzhen looked at him and said seriously, “No one can own the hard money that you have exchanged for your blood and sweat!”
“Thank you, President Lin, thank you!”
When Watson gritted his teeth, he didn’t care about so much. Jiang Ning and Lin Yu really let him take it, and he took it!
These should be his money, why don’t you fight for it?
“My salary for eight months is 21,204 yuan!”
Watson walked up to Zhou Zhenghu and looked at him condescendingly. For the first time, he felt that the domineering and fierce Zhou Zhenghu didn’t seem to be so terrible. Wouldn’t he just kneel and apologize to himself now?
“Give me money!”
Seeing Zhou Zhenghu’s slow movements, Jiang Ning’s voice became cold, “If your hand doesn’t work well, then I will abolish it!”
As soon as he finished speaking, Zhou Zhenghu hurriedly opened the bag, took out a pile in a panic, counted twenty-two thousand, and handed it to Watson.
But Watson only took the part he won, and didn’t want any extra money.
“It’s mine, I take it, not mine, I don’t want it!”
He looked at Zhou Zhenghu and said loudly, “I’m not you!”

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