Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 953

Zhou Zhenghu trembled, opening his mouth to say something, but he couldn’t say anything.
“You look down on them, but you are not as good as them!”
Jiang Ning glanced at Zhou Zhenghu contemptuously, “Insatiable, you deserve it!”
With Watson being the first, there is the second, and then the third…
The workers present took away their own wages from Zhou Zhenghu.
They were trembling with the money in their hands!
In order to get the money, they really said anything good, and even knelt down and begged Zhou Zhenghu, but the result?
Zhou Zhenghu not only refused to give it, but also threatened them, looking for someone to beat them!
These, they will never forget!
Now, Jiang Ning and Lin Yu are really here, their new owner is here, and they helped them get back their own wages when they first came. This is a life-saving grace.
“Thank you Mr. Jiang! Thank you Miss Lin!”
“Thank you! Thank you!”
“Thank you so much!”

Many people cried excitedly!
This is really life-saving money.
Some people are waiting for the money to treat their family members, while others are waiting for the money to go to school for their children and buy some clothes.
How ironic is that a big man, for the sake of his own home, must whisper to Zhou Zhenghu to get back the money that should belong to him?
“You deserve it, no one needs to thank you.”
Jiang Ning said loudly, “Especially, you are all employees of my Lin family now, and this kind of wage arrears must never happen again.”
He stared at Zhou Zhenghu: “Whoever dares to commit the crime again will be punished severely!”
Zhou Zhenghu’s body trembled suddenly, and his throat was dry.
Jiang Ning squatted down, and Zhou Zhenghu was even more nervous.
“They have never asked for much, but they just get the salary they deserve, and it’s all their blood and sweat in exchange for it,”
He said coldly, “When you are your own, have you ever thought that if some people lack this money, their family members will not have money to see a doctor, and their children will not have money to go to school?”
“You definitely didn’t expect it!”
Jiang Ning shouted, “Because you are not human at all, you have no humanity at all!”
Zhou Zhenghu’s face became paler, he could feel that the murderous intent in Jiang Ning’s eyes was real!
Almost suppressed him to suffocation!
“Since you don’t want to be a person, then be a dog.”
After that, Jiang Ning kicked Zhou Zhenghu into the air and kicked him more than ten meters away. He hit the ground heavily, clutching his stomach, and fell all at once, convulsing all over.
The white-haired people felt terrified just by looking at them. How dare they stand up and resist?
“Mr. Jiang, thank you and Mr. Lin for helping us get back our wages.”
Watson’s eyes are red. With this money, at least he can send his wife to the hospital first, “But, they are not easy to provoke. The people from the Black Star Minerals Company are all cruel. You are only two of you. I am worried that you will Suffer!”
“We are not just two people.”
Jiang Ning said lightly.
Even if he and Lin Yuzhen are the only two people, so what?
The entire north was lifted up by him, and a large northwestern region was nothing.
Jiang Ning is also trying to clean up this place so that he can build his own intelligence network to track down the whereabouts of Ji Dao Quan Pu.
“Okay, don’t worry, Jiang Ning said there is no problem, then it must be okay.”
Lin Yuzhen said, “Don’t worry, when we are here, we have to solve the problem here. If it is not solved, I will not go back.”
If she doesn’t go back, Jiang Ning will naturally not go back, and Huang Yuming and others will not go back.

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