Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 959

“We strike!”
The sound was trembling, and Liu Chao’s ears were numb.
He was stunned.
Over the years, when did these low-level dog things learn to resist?
Dare to strike!
Liu Chao’s face became more and more ugly, so gloomy that it was almost dripping with water. He wanted to find someone who took the lead to catch it and kill the chicken and the monkey!
But now it can be seen that this group of workers is so united, it is clear that they are determined and want to do things.
In the past, as long as his eyes swept over, they were evasive, fearful, and nervous.
But today…
None of these workers flinched!
They turned it around!
Today I came to collect the No. 8 mining area, and the persons in charge of the other mining areas are watching. If they know that they are on strike here and threatened by these workers, he won’t have to mix in Xishan City!
“You guys, are you looking for death?”
Liu Chao burst out and picked up a stick from the ground, his eyes fierce.
The dozens of people he brought, all picked up the guy thing, obviously ready to do it.
And those workers still didn’t shrink back, and at the same time stepped forward, with an overwhelming momentum!
Both sides are even more tense!
From a distance, Jiang Ning stood there, and Lin Yu really followed him, with some worry on his face.
“They, will something happen?”
“will not.”
Jiang Ning said, “It is not difficult to solve the garbage, but the difficult thing is to teach these workers how to resist and how to fight for their rights.”
Everyone is born equal, and no one is born to be bullied. Only by respecting each other can this society run better.
Jiang Ning always thinks so.
There is no distinction between high and low labor, and the working people at the bottom are more worthy of admiration and respect!
“If they do…”
Lin Yuzhen was still a little worried. People like Liu Chao looked like they were always doing things. This kind of ruthless mess, how ordinary people would be opponents.
She didn’t want to see Watson and them injured.
“Do not worry.”
Jiang Ning said indifferently, “Who is unlucky, it’s not necessarily so, don’t worry.”
With Jiang Ning’s words, Lin Yu really doesn’t feel nervous, and Jiang Ning’s words have never been false.
The atmosphere at the scene is getting more and more tense!
Liu Chao couldn’t bear it anymore.
He glanced across, staring at one of the loudest, and pointed his finger: “You come out for me!”
“Do you really think I can’t tell if you instigate these people to make trouble?”
If you really want to do it, Liu Chao doesn’t know what to do, because today, the momentum of this group of people is too scary, not a few hundred people back down, he is only a few dozen.
In the past, they could be deterred by their notoriety and fierceness, but today, how could it fail?
Now, he just wants to catch someone out and kill him!
As soon as the voice fell, the old fifth stepped out in the crowd, his voice was over the mountain, staring at Liu Chao, and roaring, “What do you tell Lao Tzu to do!”
That burly figure, thick voice, full of breath!
With a roar, Liu Chao actually felt terrified, and he felt terrified inexplicably!
Who is this?
Liu Chao’s heart trembled suddenly. Looking at the shape of the old fifth and the aura of walking, how could this be an ordinary person? Obviously a practicing family!
There are such people in Zhou Zhenghu’s No. 8 mining area?
“Not you!”
As soon as Liu Chao gritted his teeth, he turned his fingers around, and looked at the people in the crowd, each of which was shorter and only reached the shoulders of others, and his voice became louder again.
“You! I’m talking about you! Come out to me! See how I clean up you!”
He yelled, showing his ferocity.
The crowd dispersed, the short man walked out, and Liu Chao’s pupils shrank suddenly!

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