Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 962

As soon as the voice fell, Lao Wu slammed Liu Chao’s face with a punch, directly smashing his teeth and fainting.
In an instant, everyone in the entire mining area was holding their breath, and immediately yelled one by one.
They have always wanted to resist, and even have resisted several times before, but at that time, they were not united or courageous enough, and even not strong enough.
So abruptly being beaten by Zhou Zhenghu and the others was afraid, so that they did not dare to resist any more.
But now, they watched with their own eyes, the fifth and the others beat Liu Chao and the others, watched the fifth and the others, resisted and showed it to themselves!
They can resist!
They must also resist!
For your own life, for your own rights, resist!
“you guys……”
“Don’t come here!”
The dozens of bastards who fell on the ground watched the densely packed workers come by, shaking with fright. They were still on the ground, struggling to get up, but their legs seemed to be weak, and they couldn’t stand up at all!
Hundreds of workers surrounded them, and the look in their eyes made them frightened!
“Get out of Mining Area No. 8!”
Watson roared and waved his arms, and hundreds of people shouted at the same time: “Get out of the eighth mine!”
Sound like thunder!
Those dozens of people, where they dare to say anything, where they dare to stay for a long time, are scared out of their excrement and urine. Even if they crawl around, even if they break their hands or feet and crawl on the ground, they must crawl and escape…
Watson’s eyes were red.
All the workers have red eyes.
They didn’t expect that they could resist, and they could fight for their rights.
Moreover, they won!
This is because Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen, their new owners, are willing to give them this opportunity and are willing to help them.
From a distance, Watson looked towards Jiang Ning, wanted Jiang Ning to pass, and said something to everyone, but Jiang Ning waved his hand to indicate that he would not pass, and let Watson handle it by himself.
If he is past, then these workers will be weakened, and they will only feel that they can do all this because of themselves, not because of them.
What Jiang Ning wants is not only that they learn to resist, but also to build up their confidence and self-esteem!
Watson understood, nodded, and turned to all the workers and said, “Brothers, we have been working in the No. 8 mine for many years. This is our home. We even have brothers who died under the mine. In mine area 8, since the new owner is willing to hand it over to us, we must do a good job!”
“I’ll just ask everyone if it can be done!”
Everyone yelled, almost exhausting all their strength.
“it is good!”
Watson said, “Then starting from today, we will set up a trade union, select representatives, manage the mining area, and formulate a system that everyone must abide by. Whoever violates the system will not treat everyone as brothers. We want to destroy everyone’s hope. Then I put Watson’s words here, there is one such person, clean up one!”
“we agree!”
“Whoever dares to break the rules is to destroy everyone’s hope, and we will not let him go!”

Lin Yuzhen in the distance was trembling slightly, and she couldn’t hold back her tears a long time ago. He pursed his lips and forced himself not to cry.
She is a perceptual person. Seeing these people become self-reliant, self-confident, and dare to protect their hope and dignity, how can she not be moved?
Such a result is far more meaningful than Jiang Ning directly helping them solve their troubles!
“Husband, you are amazing!”
Lin Yu couldn’t help but looked at Jiang Ning with tender eyes, “I really admire you!”

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