Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 967

Dong Wei was trembling, his mouth was full of blood, and he couldn’t even say a word!
Lin’s person?
These guys are all Lin’s people!
They… are so courageous that they dare to start in Xishan City, do they really think they can be unscrupulous everywhere?
Jiang Ning took two steps and turned his head again. Dong Wei suddenly opened his pores and became terrified. “Don’t attack these ordinary people anymore. If you want to move, come find me.”
“I will stay with you to the end.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning left without looking back.
Dong Wei fell to the ground for a long time before accumulating his strength and slowly climbing up.
He wiped off the blood from the corners of his mouth, spit out a few bites, mixed the broken teeth with blood, and vomited them all out, making his body tremble with anger.
“Jiangning! Jiangning! I want you to die!”
Dong Wei’s words were a little vague, and he lost his teeth even if he wanted to bite someone.
He had a savage face, no matter the people he brought, he immediately went to Xie Zhen.
At the same time, Xie Zhen rushed to a villa.
This mountain villa is hidden in the mountain village, the air is good and quiet, and it is like a fairyland to recuperate here.
Xiezhen does not have such a good Yaxing.
He walked into the tea room quickly and sat down directly, as if an old cow was drinking water, Gulugulu would put a large bowl of tea in front of him and poured it directly.
“Where is Zhao Quan?”
Xie Zhen wiped his mouth and looked up at the opposite side. The person who was drinking tea slowly and elegantly always felt that a rough person must make himself very restrained, too damn hypocritical.
“In the past few days, I haven’t seen anyone, so I should have contacted those guys.”
Gao Shi is not tall and thin at all, but a little short and fat, and his shy belly hit the tea table.
He slowly poured himself a cup of tea, drooped his eyelids, and glanced at Xie Zhen: “This is a big deal, nothing is more important than this.”
Xie Zhen’s eyes lit up and he immediately moved his position, lowering his voice and said, “What can we get?”
The greed in those eyes is almost unabashed!
“I don’t know yet, I have to talk about it,”
Gao said, “But the current situation, even those families with large surnames in the north still want to judge us, it’s difficult.”
Today, the chips in their hands can bring them huge benefits!
It was something they had never dared to think about, or even dared to ask for, but now, they are not afraid, holding this bargaining chip is enough for them to get things that they could not get before.
The eyes of both people were full of excitement and greed.
“A place like the north is not suitable for us,”
Xie Zhen snorted, “Even if you become a family with a big surname, what about it? It’s not a top-notch family, and it’s also dangerous.”
“And, what about the top wealthy family? Linglong Group is gone.”
Gao Xu said lightly.
He poured Xie Zhen a cup of tea, Xie Zhen frowned, glanced at it and didn’t move at all.
Such a sip, a fart.
“Those people, I’m afraid it’s not easy to deal with, Zhao Quan is sure of him?”
Xie Zhen poured a big bowl himself and looked up at Gao Sui. “Even the family of the surnames have suffered a lot when discussing business with them. I am afraid it will be even harder for the few of us.”
“Relax, our bargaining chips, they can’t refuse.”
Gao said, “Don’t talk about this, Zhao Quan will do this, we can all rest assured, what are you coming to me for?”
“You are in charge of the company’s affairs now, and the two of us don’t interfere.”
As long as that thing can be done, even the entire Black Star Mining Co., Ltd., they don’t need to care.
The three of them didn’t think about going to the north and making a big family. It is the most suitable direction for them to take root in this northwest and become the masters here.
The mountain is high and the emperor is far away, and it is enough to control this area.
“I told you on the phone that Lin’s people are here.”
Xie Zhen squinted his eyes and said in dissatisfaction, “The one who came is not kind.”

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