Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 97

The crisp sound made Gao Fei’s few people immediately want to do it.
Can be surrounded by thirty wolves, they dare not!
Gao Fei knew very well that as long as they did it, none of them could stand and leave here today.
Can only be wronged by Lin Wu.
The bright red five-fingerprint made Lin Wu’s eyes widened. He never thought that he would suffer such humiliation when he returned to the East China Sea.
He wanted to resist, and even wanted to kill Huang Yuming directly, but now he couldn’t move at all.
“Take my words back, Donghae, don’t come again.”
Huang Yuming snorted, “The order here cannot tolerate others to disrupt. Whoever stretches out my hand will cut off anyone’s hand!”
After speaking, he turned and left.
Walking to the door, there was an understatement: “Small punishment for offending eldest brother, break his last leg.”
After speaking, there was a scream…
Soon, a truck carrying live pigs galloped onto the provincial road and stopped in front of the boundary marker. Immediately, a dozen people were thrown down, all covered with feces.
The truck drove away, while Lin Wu and others shouted for help in humiliation.

One night, the East China Sea seemed to have experienced an earthquake.
The entire underground circle was thoroughly cleaned.
On the leader’s desk, a pile of thick materials nailed Wang Gao and others to death. It was not until three o’clock in the morning that a certain leader patted his chest and let out a long sigh.
“Which god is it, so powerful, something we haven’t been able to do in a few years, he did it in one night.”
I want to come and know that it is definitely a big man who secretly helped them solve this problem, but what happens next, they can only wait and see.
At least, within a short period of time, the order of the underground circles in the East China Sea can become stable.
The leader rubbed his temples, and the secretary knocked on the door and walked in.
“You can rest early. You will be attending the donation ceremony of the two Hope Primary Schools tomorrow.”
The secretary was concerned, “Recently, more and more entrepreneurs are keen on charity. This is a good thing.”
“Yes, it’s a good thing, I hope it’s all a good thing.”
Many people can’t sleep this night.
Including Lin Yuzhen.
Lying on the bed, the dim light of the street lamp outside the house shot into the room through the screen windows, just in front of Jiangning’s straw mat.
She just looked at the man blankly.
It took less than two months for Jiang Ning to come to him.
But in the past two months, the surprises and shocks to her have been more than once, and more than once.
How many times has Jiang Ning protected herself?
How many times have you protected your parents?
As he said, this is not only his parents, but also his parents.
What? People haven’t really accepted you yet, okay?
Lin Yuzhen suddenly felt that what Su Mei said was right, and that he was not worthy of Jiangning now.
Why is he so good?
She took a deep breath, and somehow, there was a kind of pressure in her heart suddenly, as if she should work harder.
I don’t know when I fell asleep, and when I woke up, the smell of breakfast outside the house floated in.
“Get up so early!”
Lin Yuzhen took a look, and the straw mats and quilts on the floor were all sorted out, so neatly that people couldn’t believe that the one sleeping there would be a tramp.
Wash, change clothes, eat breakfast, go to work.
Lin Yuzhen didn’t say much today, no, not a word.
Sitting in the car, don’t look too far, and don’t look at Jiang Ning, as if deliberately trying to draw a line with Jiang Ning.
“Is it okay to let me do it myself in the future.”
After a long time, Lin Yu really spoke.

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