Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 973

Of course, they won’t be so easy to hand over the company.
Jiang Ning knew with his toes that this would only be their trick.
“Why not?”
But Jiang Ning smiled and said, “My wife, come here to receive it personally. They have to give it, and they have to.”
Hearing this, Lin Yu couldn’t help laughing.
She is not stupid, she doesn’t know where, things are not that simple.
But listening to Jiang Ning’s tone, he didn’t take this matter to his heart. Obviously, there was no problem.
“Then we will pass tomorrow, and I have to reply to others.”
This is basic courtesy.
No matter when and what he did, Lin Yuzhen’s most basic quality, like it was carved in his bones, would not change.
“Well, my wife.”
Jiang Ning hung up the phone, and Watson and the others who stood aside were already dumbfounded.
Jiang Ning, who is gentle as water, is the same person as the domineering Jiang Ning just now?
They didn’t know how to locate Jiang Ning.
When he was domineering, it made people excited, and when he was gentle, they were surprised to be speechless, but they also knew that, I am afraid, Jiang Ning would only show that side when he talked to Lin Yuzhen.
“Black Star Mining Company, has agreed to transfer the company to my Lin’s hands. In other words, it is completely legal and reasonable for you to establish a trade union now.”
Jiang Ning glanced at everyone, “But, as I just said, there will definitely be problems. You have to be prepared, do you understand?”
“Yes, Mr. Jiang, don’t worry, we will discuss countermeasures immediately!”
“Yes, yes, Mr. Jiang, we won’t let you down!”
Several people continued.
Jiang Ning nodded and didn’t say much.
Packed up a Xie town, that was just the simplest.
What he likes most is this kind of guy with simple mind and simpler limbs. When dealing with it, there is no need to waste time.
And those who like to play conspiracies and play methods always think that they are superior to those who play fist.
Jiang Ning would not be polite to such a person!
In the field you are best at, pressing you on the ground and rubbing hard will make you completely desperate!
Jiang Ning asked Brother Gou and others to secretly protect these workers’ representatives to ensure their safety, so as not to have troubles, and he immediately returned to the hotel.
I haven’t seen Lin Yuzhen for an hour. The longing in this heart is like a tide, surging crazily.
In the hotel study, Lin Yu was really revising the plan.
She really wants to change the situation in Xishan City. The investment and resources required for this are beyond the imagination of ordinary people.
If you were someone else, you would only think Lin Yu was really stupid.
These low-level miners are not worthy of her investment so much. How much profit can they bring to Lin?
What can they bring to Lin Yuzhen?
To waste time and energy on them is simply a waste of your own life!
But Lin Yu really didn’t think so.
She feels even more that it makes sense to help people, even if it’s just a person.
Hearing the footsteps, Lin Yu didn’t really lift his head. He still wrote and painted, and said directly: “I added all the suggestions Li Dong and the others gave. Now the plan is more complete, but it’s not that easy to execute. I think It has to be changed.”
After she finished speaking, there was no reply. Lin Yuzhen turned his head and glanced, and saw Jiang Ning put his hands behind him, with a mysterious look on his face.
“what’s wrong?”
“Brought you good things.”
Jiang Ning smiled, “Guess what?”

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