Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 974

When is it all, talking about serious matters.
“Ice cream?”
Lin Yuzhen’s eyes lit up immediately.
“My wife is so smart!”
Jiang Ning’s hand took out a piece of ice cream from behind him, and Lin Yuzhen’s eyes suddenly narrowed.
The weather was color, and she felt uncomfortable when she stayed in the hotel.
Jiang Ning really understands herself!
She hurriedly jumped up and rushed to eat, but Jiang Ning tore the package open and stuffed it directly into her mouth, with a smirk on her face.
“But you can’t eat it.”
“Count the days.”
Jiang Ning said solemnly, “Comrade Lin Yuzhen, I’m just trying to test you, but you can’t help being tested so much. I’m very disappointed for my husband.”
Lin Yu was so angry that he gritted his teeth, and Jiang Ning knew his cycle. He even eats some ice, and he can calculate it accurately for himself?
She looked angry, but her heart was warm, and said pitifully, “Just take a bite?”
Jiang Ning scowled.
“Yes, I see, don’t eat the head office.”
Lin Yu really shrugged and looked helpless. She was used to her husband.
She sat back in the chair and looked at the plan in her hand, while Jiang Ning was sitting opposite her, eating ice cream while listening to what she said she wanted to modify, making sucking noises from time to time, making Lin Yu really have the urge to bite Jiang Ning. .
“After the change, how about this plan?”
Lin Yuzhen raised his head, and Jiang Ning had finished eating.
“Where to go?”
“Anywhere, as long as you write it, it will be fine.”
Jiang Ning smiled and said, “If it doesn’t work, I will let it work.”
Lin Yu really didn’t speak anymore, she was afraid that if she was spoiled by Jiang Ning like this, she would be spoiled by him.
She put down the plan and looked at Jiang Ning seriously.
“You lost the ice cream wrapper first.”
Jiangning obediently did so.
“I have already replied to the Black Star Mining Company. I will go through the handover procedures tomorrow, but they said that one of the persons in charge has not yet returned, and the signature cannot be signed. You can go over and talk about the details first.”
Lin Yu said seriously, “I feel that they are not trying to hand over the company, but are delaying time.”
“Why see?”
Jiangning Road.
He looked at Lin Yuzhen, and he liked her work more and more meticulously.
Serious, smart, quick response, not wasting his time, hand in hand to teach by words and deeds.
“They can completely refuse and use a strong attitude to force us to use other means, but they did not, promised to handover, and promised to cooperate with all procedures, but the most important signature is stuck.”
According to the current statement, there are only two persons in charge of the Black Star Mining Company, and both of them need to sign at the same time to successfully transfer the company to Lin’s hands.
Otherwise, even if all other formalities have been completed, what is the use?
This simply caused Lin to relax his vigilance, thinking that they agreed to hand over, but secretly, they were repeatedly delaying time.
“Husband, I’m worried, there will be extra branches.”
Lin Yu really hopes to do things well, without any accidents.
Those workers can’t stand the tossing anymore. They just gave them hope. Are they going to disappoint them again?
She doesn’t want this, absolutely not!
But now it seems that the controller of Black Star Mining Co., Ltd. is not so easy to deal with. Their city government is extremely deep, rich in methods, and their own experience seems to be very inadequate.
“It doesn’t matter, I’ll go with you tomorrow, I want to see what tricks they want to play.”
Jiang Ning said lightly.
It seems that what these people want to do is already under his control!

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