Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 975

The next day, Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen had just walked out of the hotel, and there was already a car parked outside the door. Seeing the two of them, the driver ran over quickly, smiling.
“Is it Mr. Lin and Mr. Jiang? Good morning, Mr. Gao asked me to take them to the company to discuss matters.”
Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen looked at each other.
This President Gao is really polite, so can’t wait to return the company to Lin’s?
“President Gao is polite.”
Jiang Ning said lightly, and took Lin Yuzhen directly into the car.
The driver graciously closed the door for the two people, and then drove towards the Black Star Mining Co., Ltd.
There are some companies in Black Star Mining Co., Ltd. Jiang Ning doesn’t like this name alone.
Looking at the huge signboard hung on the door, Jiang Ning narrowed his eyes slightly and said nothing, holding Lin Yuzhen’s hand, and walked directly in.
“Welcome Mr. Lin and Mr. Jiang to visit the company!”
The front desk staff, seeing the two Jiang Ning, immediately stood up and shouted politely.
Jiang Ning didn’t say a word, Lin Yu really nodded slightly, as a response.
When the two people entered the elevator, Lin Yuzhen couldn’t help but said, “This manager Gao, it seems to be really not simple. It has been arranged a long time ago. People who don’t know think he is happy to return the company.”
On the surface, he has done a good job. If he is an ordinary person, I am afraid that he would think that Mr. Gao really wants to return the company to the Lin family and is expressing his attitude.
“My wife, you have improved.”
Jiang Ning smiled.
Lin Yu really gave Jiang Ning a white look, but she felt sweet in her heart.
Can you not make progress?
With such an extremely good husband, how can she keep up with Jiang Ning’s footsteps if she doesn’t work harder.
Lin Yu really didn’t want to drag Jiang Ning, she had to work hard to be Jiang Ning’s good help.
Two people went upstairs, the elevator door opened, and a charming woman was already standing there, waiting for a long time.
“Mr. Jiang!”
The woman Jiao Didi yelled, as if she didn’t see Lin Yuzhen in her eyes, she immediately walked to Jiang Ning, her body smelling fragrant, “Hello, I’m Mr. Gao’s secretary, you can call me Xiao Zeng.”
Even with high-end perfume, it still makes people feel nauseous.
Jiang Ning didn’t change his face. He glanced at her without being polite: “Okay, old Zeng.”
Secretary Zeng’s face changed, and he took a step back in a slightly embarrassing manner, smirked, and did not dare to correct Jiang Ning’s name.
“Here, please, Mr. Gao will come to the company to wait for you early in the morning.”
Jiang Ning ignored it, and didn’t look at the secretary seriously from beginning to end.
He let Lin Yuzhen go first, and he slowed down half a step. Following Lin Yuzhen, Secretary Zeng’s expression changed again, and he didn’t dare to say anything.
General Manager’s Office.
There was still the fragrance of tea wafting away, and as soon as the door was opened, it puffed up.
“Two please.”
Secretary Zeng opened the door and made a gesture of asking, Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen walked in directly.
On the sofa, Gao Shi sat there, dressed in a Tang suit, looked very elegant, was making tea, and his complexion was gentle.
“Welcome two!”
Seeing the door opened, Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen walked in. Gao Shi immediately stood up with a smile on his face. He walked quickly to Lin Yuzhen, stretched out his hand, and smiled: “This, I want to be the famous Lin Yuzhen. , Miss Lin Yuzhen, right?”
Lin Yuzhen stretched out his hand, shook Gao Shuo gently, and took it back.
“President Gao, lucky to meet.”
She pointed to Jiang Ning and said lightly, “This is my husband, one of Lin’s shareholders, Jiang Ning.”
Professor Gao turned his head and glanced at Jiang Ning, squinted slightly, and smiled and said, “Mr. Jiang, hello.”
He didn’t even stretch out his hand.
The Lin Group, a surnamed Jiang, is new. He found someone to check Lin’s information. The Jiang surnamed in front of him seemed to be just the door-to-door son-in-law of the Lin family.

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