Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 980

Xu Zhiming jumped out happily, with a cheerful appearance, he could see the long line of dragons outside, one by one dumbfounded.
When I first entered, Xu Zhiming looked like he was trying to work hard with others. Why is he now like this again?
“Old Xu, what does the Lin guy inside mean?”
Someone called him and asked in a low voice.
“Please pay attention to your wording!”
Xu Zhiming straightened his face and shouted sternly, “Mr. Jiang, did you offend so casually? If you dare to be disrespectful, don’t blame me for not acknowledging your friend! Humph!”
After finishing speaking, Xu Zhiming danced happily after leaving the man with a surprised face.
All morning, Jiang Ning sat there looking at his resume.
When he saw what he didn’t want, he asked the secretary to notify him of expulsion. When he saw what he wanted, he yelled in and took a look. If he looked good enough, he would stay and give him a promotion and salary increase.
The employees outside, after hearing the news, all went crazy.
They have never seen someone who evaluates employees like this.
Not young employees, they race against time to put on makeup and look good, while male employees secretly use saliva to make their hair shiny.
Professor Gao sat there, feeling a little uncomfortable.
One morning, almost all the employees who inserted into the company and secretly made their own eyeliners were dug out by Jiang Ning. They were all fired without a trace of politeness!
He watched it all morning, but he didn’t even notice how Jiang Ning discovered it, and he didn’t even think it was possible to look at it.
But Jiang Ning used practical actions to almost swell Gao’s face!
“Okay, that’s it.”
The list in Jiang Ning’s hand has been passed through all the time, without a trace of omission.
He turned his head to look at Gao Jiao with a smile on his face, “General Manager Gao, do you think I can see people accurately?”
The corners of Gao’s mouth twitched, he laughed awkwardly, and nodded: “Quite! Quasi! True!”
“Hahaha, I like to be praised by others, and I also like to praise people,”
Jiang Ning stood up, “General Manager Gao, you have a vision.”
After that, he left with Lin Yuzhen directly, and there was a dedicated person responsible for the follow-up matters, so he didn’t need to worry about it.
As long as we get rid of the moths in this company and hollow out the high-level eyeliner, things will be much easier.
Gao Xu watched Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen leave without saying a word, but his expression was ugly.
Those eyes, where are the previous disdain and contempt, at this moment, if he still can’t react, this Jiang Ning is the person in the Lin family who really speaks, then he has lived on a dog all these years went!
“Master Gao…”
The secretary, Xiao Zeng, was timid, “Do you have any instructions?”
Gao Shou turned his head and glared at her, “Give me a fart! Humph!”
“Mr. Gao, this is Mr. Jiang’s last decision,”
The secretary Xiao Zeng, holding a note in his hand, hesitated and handed it to Gao Xu. Gao took a look, and suddenly Lei Ting was furious.
“He will fire me? This company is not his Lin’s!”
Gao Xu couldn’t help it anymore, he violently tore the note into pieces, threw it on the ground, and stepped on his feet vigorously. The elegant and gentleman who had been disguised for a long time disappeared at this moment!
With his thunderous appearance, the secretary screamed in shock, covering his ears and hiding aside, not daring to approach at all.
Gao Shou vented fiercely. He was really going to be mad at Jiang Ning. After so much preparation, he didn’t use any of them. He was so humiliated by Jiang Ning!
“Jiangning…want to get this company? You dream!”

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