Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 983

He sat there, tilted his head slightly, and looked at the person who was yelling against.
“The objection is invalid, you are not qualified to object.”
“what did you say?”
That person’s face changed slightly, so why did he say that his opposition was invalid?
The atmosphere that was just about to be created seemed to have been suppressed by Jiang Ning’s words, “Why can’t I object? The establishment of this guild does not mean that I have to consider all workers. Why am I not qualified?”
“Huh, or to say, this is basically your Lin’s method, you want to better control us and enslave us, just like the previous Black Star Mining Company!”
That person, shouting loudly, made something out of nothing, and said whatever he thought of, splashing dirty water on them in Jiangning.
Some people around could not help whispering.
“It must be so!”
Someone spoke up again, supporting the person who opposed it just now, “If there are no ghosts, why would we refuse to oppose? Why do we have to determine the candidates internally and have the ability to openly elect representatives!”
“Yes, I have the ability to elect representatives publicly!”
The third person stepped forward.
Watson’s expression became more and more ugly. He didn’t expect this to be a good thing. How could anyone object to it?
Moreover, Lin Yuzhen and Jiang Ning were able to make this decision because they were really thinking about it. For this reason, the Lin family sacrificed a lot of benefits. There are still people who sing the opposite. Are they crazy!
“You…what do you want to do!”
He was angry, pointed at the three people, and shouted sharply, “You are like this, it’s too much!”
Watson was trembling with anger, and the injuries on his body were a little cracked, making him almost fainted.
Jiang Ning stretched out his hand, waved it, and motioned to Watson not to be angry.
He stood up, at the highest point, looking down from a condescending position, staring straight at the three people, suddenly, an extremely terrifying aura shrouded in an instant.
The three of them were stared at by Jiang Ning, and their hearts sank suddenly, as if there was a feeling of being stared at by a beast.
“Open elections, do you have a chance?”
Jiang Ning sneered, “I can’t help myself.”
“I’m telling you, today I am not here to discuss with you. It is just a notice. If you accept, then a union will be formed. If you don’t accept it, I will cancel it!”
Hearing this, everyone suddenly became anxious.
If Jiang Ning were to cancel, wouldn’t they be in vain?
This is a good thing!
Just by listening, they know that it is a good thing. Although they have no culture, they are not stupid. They can’t distinguish between what is good and what is bad.
As for who the workers’ representatives in the trade union are, they think that they don’t have the ability, and they can’t be them when they are given to them.
“Don’t! Don’t!”
“Mr. Jiang, don’t!”
“We all accept, we all accept!”

Many people yelled, especially those who hoped to change the status quo and bring them a better life. They were even more anxious and yelled for their support.
I’m afraid Jiang Ning will be angry and cancel.
When the three of them heard this, they became even more excited. If this union can’t be established, isn’t it their purpose?
“Accept what! They are using us and deceiving us!”
“If it’s not established, it won’t be established, we are not rare!”
“If you have the ability, cancel it. Do you think we will be afraid?”
Several people shouted, wishing Jiang Ning to cancel immediately.
They looked like clowns in Jiang Ning’s eyes, jumping up and down, which was extremely ridiculous.
Seeing them aggressively provoking and stimulating himself to cancel the union, Jiang Ning’s expression became colder and colder. He suddenly stretched out his hand and shook it slightly, and the voice below stopped suddenly.
It seems that he is about to announce the cancellation of the union!

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