Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 988

Huang Yuming got up and left.
In the room, Lin Yu really fell asleep.
She cried a lot, making her a little tired, and even making Jiang Ning a little dumbfounded.
This girl, it was a good thing, but she was so moved that she cried into tears, and she abruptly cried herself to sleep.
Jiang Ning walked into the room and helped Lin Yu really cover the quilt that she kicked off. He sat on her bedside, accompanied quietly, without saying a word.
While looking at Lin Yuzhen’s face, he seriously pondered whether there were any omissions along the way.
The hidden door problem, the main problem, the Jidao boxing score problem, these three problems can actually be regarded as one problem, but the people and things involved are inextricably linked.
The North has shuffled the cards, and the master has been operating in the North for many years, in order to find the page of the Jiang family’s inheritance of boxing and the page of Pang Feiyan.
But in the end, Jiang Daoran had made arrangements for the page of the Jiang family’s boxing score fifteen years ago, and placed it on himself, a wealthy and abandoned son who has no attention.
Why didn’t he come to grab it?
“With his strength, if you want to steal the boxing score from me, you can’t do it, but why doesn’t he come?”
Jiang Ning had a punch with the master, and he could be sure that the master was extremely strong, not weaker than himself, how strong he was without a battle of life and death, Jiang Ning could not be sure.
But the master will not fight with himself life and death, it is not worth it to be a page of punches.
But this is definitely not the main reason why the Lord didn’t act on him. What can’t those crazy people do for their own purposes?
“No matter what you want to do, I will stop you.”
Jiang Ning secretly said in his heart.
He stretched out his hand and stroked Lin Yuzhen’s forehead with a gentle face, “When these things are resolved, we will never be separated again, and be together every day.”
“You, don’t bother me.”
Lin Yu really fell asleep, but she stretched out her hands unconsciously and hugged Jiang Ning’s arms. The light on her face revealed a sense of happiness and security.
the other side.
When Zhao Quan arrived at the outskirts of the mountain village, Gao Shou could not wait long ago.
“Quick! Tell me, what did the other party say? How are you sure they will agree?”
Of course Gao must know that he just lost the company, if he can get back this round, then he hasn’t lost yet!
“I feel that they pay special attention to this thing. To what extent do they value it?”
Zhao Quan said cautiously, “For this thing, they dare to do anything!”
Gao Shi was shocked.
“I suspect that the reason why the large families in the north disappeared, and even the Linglong Group was killed, is because of this thing!”
There is more doubt on Gao’s face, how is this possible?
Linglong Group is getting involved with this incident again.
“Lao Gao, don’t believe me, I don’t have any evidence, but I have analyzed it and today it is completely confirmed.”
Zhao Quandao, “You don’t know, when I talked about that thing, the other person’s eyes lighted up instantly, and he couldn’t wait to eat me in one bite. That expression was really scary!”
Professor Gao did not speak.
He was silent for a moment, as if he had just recovered, and quickly said, “Then, where’s that thing? Where is it!”
“I think we should change it sooner and don’t stay with us. This thing may not be safe.”
The reason why Huaibi is guilty is not only known to Zhao Quan, but also to Gao Sheng.
“In the eighth mine.”
With Zhao Quan’s words, Gao Zuo’s face changed drastically. Mining area No. 8?
It’s gone!

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