Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 989

“Where did you say?”
Professor Gao stood up and stared at Zhao Quan and asked loudly, “Where did you say that thing is?”
“Mining area No. 8, what’s the problem.”
Zhao Quan was shocked, what’s the problem with this.
The entire Xishan mining industry is under their control. It doesn’t matter where it is, it’s theirs anyway.
What’s more, hiding in that kind of place, so it won’t be discovered by others.
If it weren’t for their workers who accidentally dig through the mine, it would be impossible to find out that there was a grave hidden in the depths of the mine!
Zhao Quan immediately blocked the news of this kind of thing, preventing anyone from spreading it out.
In the process of mining, it is normal to dig a grave or something, and most people will not care, or even feel unhappy, and they want to forget about it, so as not to incur unclean things.
He looked at Gao Shi, and saw Gao Shi’s face getting more and more ugly, and suddenly became a little nervous.
“Don’t tell me, something went wrong?”
The high pitched Adam’s apple slipped, and the voice was a little soft.
“What’s gone?”
Zhao Quan hurriedly said.
“Mining area No. 8 is gone,”
Gao Shi’s face turned pale, “Not only the No. 8 mining area, but the entire Black Star Minerals Company is gone.”
Zhao Quan looked at Gao Shi in a daze, thinking he was joking.
The whole company is gone?
He is crazy!
“What are you talking about? Do you know what you are talking about!”
Zhao Quan shouted, “Did the bastard of Xie Zhen make it?”
The company has always been entrusted to Xie Zhen to take care of it. It doesn’t require any thoughts at all, it just requires individuals to sit there and oppress the workers below.
For specific things, he and Gao Jiao will do it. Xie Zhen is a bastard, don’t mess with it.
“Xie Zhen has already entered.
Gao said, “It was Lin’s people who sent him in.”
“Lin’s people have come and took the company back. Now the entire Black Star Minerals Company belongs to Lin’s, including the No. 8 mining area. I have been fired.”
Gao Su took a deep breath, his voice trembling, “And you were also fired, the two of us, now have nothing to do with the eighth mine, I’m afraid we won’t be able to get in.”
“I’m fucking your mother!”
Zhao Quan stood up and couldn’t help yelling, “What the hell did you do? How could you give them the company?”
Professor Gao didn’t want to speak. He had prepared enough to delay enough time for Zhao Quan to discuss the matter, and then take complete control of the company.
But where did you think that Jiang Ning had no rules to do things and completely disrupted his plan!
Up to now, this situation is simply beyond his control.
“Mining area No. 8 must be taken back!”
Zhao Quandao, “We can not use the others for the time being, but the No. 8 mining area must be taken back. Gao Jia, I will tell you, if the No. 8 mining area can’t be taken back, then we… all have to die!”
Gao Shi’s body trembled suddenly.
“Don’t forget, who is our partner! It’s a bunch of ruthless people! It’s a bunch of wolves!”
“If we don’t give them what we promised, they will definitely kill us!”
Zhao Quan’s expression turned hideous, what was originally a happy thing suddenly became horrified.
Those people, where can they offend?
Before Guo Meng left, he even said that if he deceived him, the consequences…
He didn’t say the consequences, but Zhao Quan knew that it was definitely a dead end!

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