Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 990

Gao Zuo’s face became whiter and paler, almost bloodless, and the legs standing there couldn’t help but tremble. He didn’t know how serious the consequences were.
But things have reached this point, Lin’s Jiang Ning is very difficult to deal with.
“The Lin family in Mine No. 8 wants to take it away. I am afraid it will not be so fast. The handover alone will take some time. What’s more, the workers, does he think he has such a good control?”
Zhao Quan comforted himself.
“They also set up a workers’ union to manage themselves. Even Lin does not interfere. We…”
Zhao Quan didn’t finish his words, his eyes fixed on Gaoshou, he really wanted to punch the bastard to death.
He just left for two days, then things became like this?
How could these workers be given the opportunity to form a union?
Zhao Quan roared, “I really want to kill you!”
He was panting for breath.
Professor Gao had no words to say. It is indeed his responsibility for things to reach this point, but it is too late to say anything, and it is more important to solve the problem.
“Don’t talk about that, how do you get it back from the eighth mine?”
As long as they get back the No. 8 mining area and get that thing, then they still have a chance to turn over, otherwise…not to mention the Lin family, just those people will definitely kill both of them!
The two people suddenly became annoyed.
Zhao Quan calmed down. Even if Gao Shi was killed now, the problem could not be solved.
The No. 8 mining area must be brought back, no matter what the price is.
As long as the No. 8 mining area is brought back, and a deal is made with those people, then the entire mining industry in Xishan City will still belong to the two of them, and the Lin family will not be able to take it away.
But now, what should we do?
Zhao Quan raised his head: “I want to get the No. 8 mining area now. I can only discuss it with Lin. The big deal is that we can buy it back. The terms can be opened to them. I think they will agree.”
“How to say?”
“In Xishan City, we have been in business for so many years. We had the final say. Even if the Lin family took the company, they would be untenable. They asked the workers to form a trade union. Aren’t they making concessions to please those workers?”
These lowly workers are not so easy to deal with. If Lin is smart, he knows that using these industries to exchange cash is more meaningful than anything else, otherwise they will be dragged down in Xishan City and they will only lose a lot!
“You contacted the Lin people and said that we are going to buy back the No. 8 mining area, no, plus a few others,”
Zhao Quandao, “Don’t make them suspicious, let them think that we are just used to this industry and are reluctant.”
Gao Shi nodded: “I know this in my heart.”
But will Lin agree?
That Jiang Ning…he always felt very unusual and couldn’t understand it with ordinary people’s thinking. If they were discovered by them, then things would become even more troublesome.
“We only have one day. Tomorrow Mr. Guo’s people will come. If they can’t get anything, hehe,”
Zhao Quan glanced at Gaoshou, “Choose a place to commit suicide yourself!”
After he finished speaking, he didn’t say it any more. When it comes to this, the high professor knows what to do.
Gao Shi’s face turned pale, and he didn’t say anything, and immediately called Lin Yuzhen without daring to delay for a moment.
At that time.
“Ring Ling Ling—-”
Lin Yuzhen’s phone rang, causing her to open her eyes in a daze from her sleep, glanced at the ringing mobile phone, and was about to reach for it, and Jiang Ning just pushed it off.
“You don’t need to pick it up, you are tired, and sleep a good night, we will talk about anything tomorrow.”

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