Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 995

The two looked at each other with anger and unwillingness in their eyes, but they didn’t dare to reveal the least.
“One, I’m afraid it’s not enough, the two of us.”
Gao Shiwei, “Mr. Jiang, what do you think of the two mining areas? In terms of prices, we can negotiate.”
“Then don’t talk about it.”
Jiang Ning got up directly and led Lin Yuzhen to leave without even a trace of hesitation. It seemed that he had been waiting for them to ask this question.
“Mr. Jiang! Mr. Jiang!”
Gao Shi stood up and quickly shouted, “Shall we discuss it again?”
Jiang Ning didn’t look back, he didn’t pay attention at all, and waved his hand, which meant that his conditions were just like that. Whether he accepts it or not depends on the two of them.
Seeing Jiang Ning leaving with Lin Yuzhen, Zhao Quan couldn’t help it anymore.
“Too much bullying!”
He yelled, “What are they?”
“When I get that thing and exchange it for resources, what Lin, I will trample them to death!”
He was so angry that he could not wait to rush forward and clean up Jiang Ning severely.
Will only sell one?
Do you really think that you are a kid who has just been in the circle, and so easy to be fooled?
What they want is the No. 8 mining area. The others are just cover. I don’t want people to know that the No. 8 mining area is very special. But what does Jiang Ning’s remark mean? Isn’t it just to ask them which mining area is valuable?
Are they really fools?
Gao Shi shouted.
If there was a conflict with Jiangning, it would be even more impossible to get back the No. 8 mining area.
The most urgent task is to get back the No. 8 mining area. You can pay any price for this. Anyway, in the end, they can get everything back.
The two did not stay long, and continued to stay here, Jiang Ning would not change his mind.
They must find a way to force Jiangning to return the No. 8 mining area!
“When will Guo Meng and others arrive?”
What Gao Xu is worried about now is this. The Lin family is nothing. They are only doing business. Even if Jiangning is a little capable, how can he compare with people like Guo Meng?
Those people are the real cruel troubles!
He is a character who has seen blood on his hands and dared to kill with his hands!
Dealing with them is a tightrope walk in itself, which is very dangerous, so the two of them discussed for a long time and didn’t dare to set the conditions very high to make sure they had life to enjoy.
But now, if you can’t get things, that is to deceive Guo Meng, a capital crime!
“I will come tomorrow at the latest. We don’t have much time. We must take down the eighth mine!”
The coldness on Zhao Quan’s face became thicker, “It’s really not good…”
A trace of murderous intent suddenly flashed in his eyes!
Gao Shi understood immediately.
“you sure?”
“Guo Meng only wants to get that thing. As for whose hands the thing is in, it doesn’t matter at all,”
Zhao Quan’s eyes changed, “We can use Guo Meng’s hand to destroy the Lin family in another way, at least, get back the resources of Xishan City!”
As soon as the voice fell, Gao Zuo understood it all at once.
Thanks to his clever life, he didn’t even think of this way.
I thought that if Lin was not so greedy and gave them the No. 8 mining area, at least there would be a way to survive, and everyone could get what they wanted, but now… it is Lin who is looking for death by himself!
Once Guo Meng learned that something was in Lin’s hands, he would definitely ask Lin for it. With Zhao Quan’s understanding, Guo Meng and others only looked at the result, regardless of the process.
What they want, they must be determined to get it!
If Lin dared to resist, it would definitely be a dead end!

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