Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 997

“Mining collapse?”
When Jiang Ning heard this, he frowned, “Why don’t you deal with such a big safety hazard? Do you have to wait for something to happen before you deal with it?”
An expression of dissatisfaction immediately appeared on his face.
Watson quickly explained: “The mine is now a waste mine. Don’t let people go. When we found it before, we reported it. Someone from Black Star Mining Company came to check it and let us block it. Anyone go in.”
“Mr. Jiang, don’t worry, we have low lives, but we also cherish our lives and dare not take risks easily,”
He chuckled, “A place where a mine would collapse, but no one wants to go in.”
“It’s fine if it has been sealed, landfill it as soon as possible, so as not to have another accident.”
Lin Yuzhen said.
“We were not allowed to landfill before. We also want to landfill, which is safer, but the boss of the Black Star Company disagreed. He only asked us to seal it and not let people in.
Watson was also somewhat helpless.
There was a problem with this mine, they found it before, shuddered and collapsed, and were buried alive in it!
They came out alive and reported, but the boss came to see it in person, but he refused to fill it up, only to seal it away from people. Watson couldn’t understand the meaning of keeping it.
Who is still willing to enter this mine to open a mine?
Hearing these words, Lin Yu frowned and condemned, but Jiang Ning noticed something wrong.
“Which boss is it?”
He asked.
“It seems to be called Zhao Quan.”
Hearing this, Jiang Ning’s eyes lit up, and he understood something at once.
In the morning, Zhao Quan and the others had just come to find themselves. They had to buy back a part of the mining area at a huge price. They let them choose only one, but they were extremely angry and refused to accept it.
Come to think of it, only one mining area is what they want, and the others are just adding heads to confuse their eyes and prevent people from discovering their true goals.
Jiang Ning raised his head and glanced at the huge plaque of the eighth mining area with a smile on his lips.
“Watson, you will release the news now that a mine with a risk of collapse has been found in the eighth mining area and it is ready to be buried.”
“Should it be landfilled? I will arrange it immediately.”
Jiang Ning shook his head: “I don’t need it for the time being, just behave, you just send this message.”
Watson didn’t have so many bowels, and he didn’t know what Jiang Ning meant, but he knew that it was enough to do what Jiang Ning said, not to landfill, just to release the news, he understood.
He went to do it immediately, Jiang Ning’s words, that is the imperial edict!
“Let’s go, let’s look around.”
The cloud on Jiang Ning’s face was light and breezy, and he didn’t take this to heart at all. As soon as the news came out, it would depend on Zhao Quan’s reaction.
If they were still able to hold their breath, they would be really amazing.
Jiang Ning accompanied Lin Yuzhen and looked around. There were bright red propaganda slogans everywhere, reminding workers to pay attention to safety.
There are professional investigators to check the safety hazards everywhere and eliminate them in time to ensure that everyone can work in a safe environment.
Lin Yu was really satisfied with these.
“Hello Miss Lin!”
“Hello Mr. Jiang!”
Along the way, the workers greeted Jiang Ning and Lin Yuzhen with a smile on their faces. In their eyes, Lin Yuzhen and Jiang Ning were absolutely good people and great people!
“Hello, pay attention to safety.”
Lin Yu really smiled.
She was really happy to see this scene.
Not only for these workers, but also for herself, she can help so many people, and may even change the trajectory of some people’s lives, but she only did a little bit of things.
This feeling is really wonderful.

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