Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 999

At this point, he can no longer control things.
Now if you want to grab back the No. 8 mining area from Lin’s hands, you can only let Guo Meng and the others do it, but each takes what they need!
Guo Meng and the others are going to take their own things, and when the Lin clan resists, Guo Meng will never let them go easily and destroy the Lin clan…this Xishan City is still theirs.
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
Gao Shi is still a little worried.
“Do you have any other way?”
Zhao Quan was very upset, “Originally, we could get more, but now, even in the best case, we can only go back to square one.”
“The only advantage is that the bastard of Xie Zhen went in. We used to split between three people, but now we split between two!”
His face was a little savage, and he was frightened and frightened when he saw Gao Shi, as if he was a little strange.
It used to be divided into three people, now it is divided into two people. If Zhao Quan wants to swallow it alone, does he want to kill himself?
Professor Gao’s heartbeat was a bit fast, and this thought came to his mind, making him suddenly nervous.
“Okay, do your own thing, don’t have problems, if the situation is possible, we still have a chance!”
Zhao Quan said coldly with dark eyes.
“okay, I get it.”
Gao Shi didn’t dare to say more, he suddenly became a little afraid of Zhao Quan.
But now, he can only do what Zhao Quan said, and he can’t change anything else.
“Jiang Ning… really cunning!”
Zhao Quanyin smiled coldly, “I really underestimate you.”
If it weren’t for Jiang Ning here, things wouldn’t be so troublesome at all. They could get more things. Where do they need this, whisper to Jiang Ning?
Since Lin is looking for things by himself now, don’t blame them for being rude!
After Zhao Quan made the call, he went to prepare other things.
He was certain that as soon as Guo Meng took action, Lin would not be able to stay in Xishan City, and even Jiang Ning and their lives might be gone.
Gao has already gone to prepare to rebuild a company. When Lin’s withdrawal from Xishan City, these mining areas will still be controlled by them, but the model must change.
In the past, they could rely on the northern family for resources, but now they can only rely on themselves!
And Zhao Quan has other things to do, but Xishan City can no longer satisfy him. He wants the entire Northwestern region!
Now is the best opportunity.
at the same time.
All major mining areas in Xishan City are carrying out safety inspections, and everyone is more serious than ever.
Especially the No. 8 mining area, which is now regarded as the benchmark for all mining areas in Xishan City. From the establishment of the labor union, this is the starting point for everything.
Whatever the No. 8 mining area does, the other mining areas will follow suit.
They also followed how to develop and manage the No. 8 mining area.
As the head of the first trade union, Watson worked hard and worked hard.
Because he knew that now the No. 8 mining area is no longer just a mining area, in order to make money from mining, it has a special meaning!
He is not only working hard for this mining area, but for the mining industry of Xishan City, for all the workers, and for the future development of this city!
Jiang Ning gave him this opportunity, and then he was willing to cherish it with his life and repay Jiang Ning and Lin Yu for their kindness.
At this moment, the No. 8 mining area.
In front of the mine that is at risk of collapsing.
The workers were all evacuated by Watson, and they dared not approach, lest there were too many people and the ground would collapse.
“Keep your distance!”
Watson took the horn and shouted loudly to remind the remaining workers to pay attention to safety.

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