Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2108

An anger spread.
Rock looked at everyone, the anger and unwillingness on everyone’s face, and of course, greed!
This is human nature. Everyone desires more, even everything.
No one can resist this nature.
“Others, I don’t think I need to say any more,”
Luo Qi said loudly, “Qingshanzong is destroyed, when the time comes, we will sit in the Qingshanzong hall and discuss slowly!”
” Let the Qingshan Sect disappear.”

Several sect masters all nodded, expressing no objection to this. .
Now that they are all sitting together, what are the objections?
They came for this purpose, in order to destroy the Green Mountain Sect, in order to get what they wanted.
It doesn’t matter if Rocky is the principal at this moment.
No one opposed Rocky’s arrangement, so it started.
People from the six major sects, start to act!
According to Luo Qi’s plan, they attacked the Qingshan Sect from different directions at the same time. There were also guards on the left and right, even beyond the cliffs of the back mountain, to prevent the Qingshan Sect from having a fish that slipped through the net.
The battle starts instantly!
The mountain where the entire Green Mountain Sect was located seemed to boil all at once.
The flames of war spread, and the roar shook the sky!
“Kill! Kill! Kill!”
“Destroy the Qingshan Sect!
Take revenge for the elder Luo Feng!” “Kill them! Let the Qingshan Sect disappear!”
…The one who
took the lead was the Tianlian Sect. They directly attacked Qingshan from the front. Zongshanmen stormed.
Luolong led the team like a lunatic.
He remembers clearly the humiliation he suffered in the Green Mountain Sect.
He can’t forget the appearance of being humiliated by Jiangning!
“Kill all for me! Don’t keep any of them!”
Luo Long shouted, “Your elders were killed by the people of the Qingshan Sect. They cut off their heads in front of everyone!”
“They humiliated the sky. Lianzong, humiliate us, this is your life-and-death hatred!”
He yelled, “Don’t let anyone go!”
“Kill!” The
battle became fierce as soon as it touched.
At the gate of the Qingshan Sect, Liuchuan Road arranged many people, and the disciples of the outer courtyard took up weapons one by one. This was not only to defend the Qingshan Sect, but to protect their own dignity.
“Stop them!”
Behind him was the disciple of the inner courtyard, standing with the disciple of the outer courtyard long ago.
There are also a few front hall disciples, as commanders, one person leads several inner courtyard disciples and dozens of outer courtyard disciples to form a team to fight the invasion together.
At this time, there is no difference between the disciples of the inner and outer courtyards and the front hall disciples, everyone has only one idea.
Desperately block the attack of these six major sects and defend the Green Mountain Sect!
Very intense!
As soon as the confrontation took place, many people died tragically, blood ran into rivers at the scene, and the green hills on the peak were all dyed red.
“Kill! Kill!” A
frantic roar can be heard from a distance.
“Three elders, you guard the north, and you can’t let them rush up!”
“Second elder, the west is handed over to you!”
“Fifth elders, they have already come up to the south, stop them!”
Liu Chuan made arrangements one by one.
But there were too many people on the other side, and the offensive wave after wave, he even thought that the Green Mountain Sect could not survive an attack, but he did not expect that the cohesion of the entire Green Mountain Sect at this moment was amazing!
“Shanmen, I’ll guard it!”
The elder’s long beard fluttered, his eyes were firm and determined.
He glanced at Liu Chuandao: “You are the lord, even if you die, you can only die last, understand?”
After speaking, he dragged the spear in his hand and walked towards the mountain gate step by step.
“Luolong, I will meet you!”
Like an overlord, the voice of the great elder is like thunder, making people’s ears a little painful.
From a distance, those people in Tianlianzong couldn’t help but tremble!

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