Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2117

“Great Elder!”
Several disciples’ eyes were red, and their steel teeth were about to break.
They have never been so helpless and helpless.
They regretted that they did not work hard enough, were not talented enough, and could not have enough strength to protect the Great Elder and the Green Mountain Sect. On the contrary, they wanted the Great Elder to be old and protect them!
“do not come!”
The great elder stretched out his hand and stopped a few disciples who were about to rush to die, “You can’t die until I die!”
They are the future of the Green Mountain Sect, and they have a responsibility to protect them!
Even if you want to die!
The great elder stood up, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and his hair was flying!
He held the spear horizontally in one hand, fluttering in white, with a trace of determination on his face.
Facing the siege of the six elders, he knew very well that he was bound to die, but so what?
Died well!
“I’m going to take three at least,”
The great elder laughed, laughing ghostly, and even more frantically. He glanced around, his eyes swept across the faces of the six sect elders, “Who will you take away?”
The expressions of the six sect elders changed at the same time.
They have no doubt that the great elder still has this strength, and if he fights to the death, he can indeed pull a few backs, and no one wants to become a backs, allowing others to take advantage of it.
“Everyone, don’t fall for him to instigate discord,”
Luo Long sneered, “He is at the end of the crossbow, just bluffing, don’t be fooled!”
He shook his spear: “I’ll come first!”
He knew that the great elder was hurt, and he was definitely delaying time. Although he didn’t think that anyone in the Qingshan Sect could stand up, he was unwilling to give such an opportunity.
Luo Long stabbed with a shot, and the great elder immediately picked up the gun to block it, slapped, the great elder yelled, his wrists split, blood splashed, the spear took off his hand, nailed to the ground, and shook violently.
He is indeed at the limit.
Luo Long laughed: “Look, he is bluffing, don’t show mercy, kill him!”
“Kill him, the Green Mountain Sect will collapse suddenly, everything here is ours! Everything outside the mountain gate is ours!”
He clenched the spear in both hands, slew towards the great elder, piercing the great elder’s heart!
In the pupils of the great elder, the tip of the spear was getting bigger and bigger, getting closer and closer to him, but he couldn’t afford to stand up.
It is dying after all.
“It’s still old.”
The Great Elder closed his eyes and gave a wry smile.
“How old? Are you too old to retire?”
Suddenly, a voice sounded, and the great elder’s heart trembled, and he opened his eyes suddenly, and a figure stood in front of him!
Thick as a mountain!
He couldn’t hear whose voice it was. This bastard almost died of anger, and he would never forget this voice.
There was a loud noise and the ground was dusty!
Luo Long screamed, and the spear in his hand flew out and broke into two pieces. The whole person rolled on the ground a few times and exploded with both hands!
Even the bones can see it!
“You… it’s you!”
Luo Long yelled in pain, with a horrified face.
He didn’t expect that Jiang Ning’s punch would be so terrifying, is this still a human?
The other elders also changed their faces.
They saw Jiang Ning’s move, saw that punch, hit Luo Long’s spear hard, and directly shattered the spear. What a terrifying punch!
Exhausted, this…this is already that state!
How could it be, how could there be such a master in the Green Mountain Sect?
Luo Long shouted, “You didn’t run away? Hahahahaha!”
The destruction of the Green Mountain Sect is irreversible, even if Jiang Ning is here, what about?
Even if Jiangning is strong and reaches a higher level, what about it? He alone, can he block their six major sects?
“It should be you who should run away.”
Jiang Ning glanced at Luo Long, squinted his eyes, “I have a lot of places on my list.”

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