Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2118

Jiang Ning stood there, blocking in front of the elder, blocking everyone behind him.
It seems that he is the mountain of the Green Mountain Sect, guarding everything!
There is even a kind of aura in him, a man who is a man who is not a man!
Luolong’s palm was still trembling, the tiger’s mouth was split, and he could see the bones!
Jiang Ning’s punch just now was too terrifying and directly exposed Jiang Ning’s strength, but they knew that this might not be Jiang Ning’s strongest punch.
The expressions of the elders of several major sects changed a little.
They didn’t know Jiang Ning, and they had never seen it before, but looking at Luo Long’s expression, they could also guess that the young man in front of them was the cruel man who killed Luo Feng!
But at such an age, he dared to do such a thing, and he was not afraid to offend Tianlianzong?
“Young man, who are you from the Green Mountain Sect?”
The elder of the Black Wind Sect snorted, “Don’t make mistakes.”
“and who are you?”
Jiang Ning raised his eyes and glanced at him.
“Black Wind School, Li Gao!”
“Black Wind Sect?”
Jiang Ning nodded thoughtfully, “The one who just killed seems to be the elder of the Black Wind Sect.”
Upon hearing this, Li Gao’s face changed.
“what did you say?”
“Li Guang or what?”
Jiang Ning shook his head, “I can’t remember, I don’t remember the name of the dead person.”
He looked at Li Gao and stepped forward, with a sense of relief, as if facing these elder-level masters, he was not at all nervous or worried.
“You killed Li Guang?”
Li Gao’s voice became sharp.
“more than,”
Jiang Ning said, “There are more than a dozen core disciples. On the north side, you Black Wind Sect should have arranged a lot of people.”
“Hey, you should arrange for more people to go there, so I can solve more.”
The air is suddenly dead silent!
Li Gao took that face, turned black, clenched his fists, and suddenly shouted.
“you wanna die!”
He doesn’t care whether what Jiang Ning said is true or not, just what he said is totally rebellious!
The elder of the Black Wind Sect, can’t he easily desecrate?
Li Gao roared and rushed out immediately, but the other elders didn’t move. It made sense to ask them, these elders, to jointly deal with the Great Elder of the Qingshan Sect.
But if they were to join forces and besieged Jiang Ning, Jiang Ning was not qualified!
They can’t afford this face even more.
Several elders did not move, Luo Long was anxious.
“Don’t underestimate him!”
He shouted, “His strength is not weaker than the Great Elder!”
With just that punch, his arm is still in a numb state, and he can’t even clenched his fist.
“Let us join forces against him?”
Elder Fo Zong shook his head, “He is not qualified yet.”
They are all people with identities, and they still want face.
As soon as the voice fell, Li Gao screamed and flew across, just falling at the feet of the elder Buddhism, opening his mouth to spit out blood.
Suddenly, the elder Buddhism was shocked, and the others stretched, but also did not react.
They just said that Jiang Ning was not qualified and it was not worthy of their joint siege, but now, it was like a heavy slap in the face!
This is the young man they look down on?
This is the young man they feel that there is no need to join forces to besieged?
They wanted face, and felt that they could not lose their identity and face, but now, Jiang Ning was merciless and slapped him!
Li Gao shouted in pain, his chest sunken, and it was shocking to see!
What a terrible fist.
“kill him!”
Luo Long yelled, and he couldn’t help but be frightened.
To Jiang Ning, there was a little more fear.
Reverberating in his mind, Jiang Ning calmly ordered that day and cut off Luo Feng’s head. Where is this something ordinary people dare to do?

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