Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2120

This is the sound of fists and fists slamming hard, and the ears smashed.
Just like two steel plates, knocked together, the sound makes the scalp numb!
Elder Buddhism was angry. For the first time, his diamond fist did not prevail. He even felt a little pain in his fist.
If it hadn’t been for hardening the bones and bones from a young age, and forging his bones with medicated wine, so that the body would become stronger, the bones of his hands would be cracked just after that punch!
What a terrible fist!
Jiang Ning stood there, tall and straight, like a javelin, standing upright!
He was alone, facing the five elders, without the slightest panic. The light cloud on his face made Li Gao frightened.
“What kind of person is this guy!”
He couldn’t help but yelled in his heart, “So young but with such strength, where will he grow in the future?”
Within the mountain gate, what kind of sect can cultivate such disciples?
Don’t tell him about the Green Mountain Sect. If the Green Mountain Sect can have such a disciple, why would it decline to the point where it is today and be besieged by their six major sects?
“If this son is not eliminated, the Qingshan Sect will never be destroyed!”
Luo Long roared, “The Green Mountain Sect is immortal, we are the one who destroys!”
He was afraid that the other elders would have other ideas and didn’t want to give Jiang Ning any chance.
“Don’t forget, when the gray matter spreads, it is our people who die, it is us!”
“Beyond the mountain gate, is the only chance to kill him! Exterminate the Green Mountain Sect, open the mountain gate!”
Luo Long seemed to be frustrated and rushed towards him madly. His eyes had long turned red, like wild animals.

With fists and feet, Luo Long’s nose and mouth overflowed with blood, and he did not retreat.
Jiang Ning’s fist is so terrifying that it is amazing!
Several elders had never thought that one day they would meet such a terrible person. If Jiang Ning was the same age as them and had experienced more years of precipitation, then today, they would probably have died long ago!
Elder Buddhism shouted, his moves became more fierce, “Changhong! Go through the sun! Hold up! Break the mountain!”
The move is strong and violent!
The other elders all broke out with ultimate moves!
All of a sudden, the fighting atmosphere reached its climax instantly!
The elder was terrified to see, struggling to stand up and help Jiang Ning, but standing too much made him dizzy and lacked physical strength.
“Great Elder!”
Several disciples supported him, “Brother Jiang… Brother Jiang is so amazing!”
Although Jiang Ning was besieged, it was obvious from the past that Jiang Ning did not fall into a disadvantage. On the contrary, he was too calm, and the expression on his face looked completely pressure-free.
“He seems to be playing.”
I don’t know which disciple, he couldn’t help but speak, when he said, the pupils of the Great Elder shrank suddenly.
Jiang Ning really didn’t use all his strength!
Facing the siege of the five elders, did he dare to retain his strength?
Indeed, Jiang Ning at this moment did not explode his strongest strength, and he didn’t need these elders.
He is just confirming his understanding of Ji Dao Fist.
How difficult is it to fight five elder-level masters at the same time?
At least outside the mountain gate, Jiang Ning has no such opportunity at all, and can’t use this kind of extreme pressure to continuously confirm his ideas.
With a punch, Jiang Ning seemed to be able to see the trajectory of his fist, the slightest change in detail!
His fist, and the fist of the elder Buddha Zong, collided again. This time, Jiang Ning did not let him go. His fist turned into an eagle claw and instantly clasped the wrist of the elder Buddha Zong!
Suddenly, the elder Buddha Zong’s expression changed. Before he could react, Jiang Ning violently used his force!
“Changhong! Guanri! Hold up! Split the mountain!”
Jiang Ning suddenly shouted, and immediately, he performed the same moves as the elders of the Buddha Zong just now!

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