Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2135

He opened his mouth, trying to say anything, but couldn’t say anything.
The other sect masters looked at Jiang Ning curiously. They didn’t expect that this young boy had such a hot temper, he was not at all polite to anyone, and Luo Qi and Li Xuan had nothing to say.
“how is it?”
Jiang Ning leaned on the chair and looked at the crowd, “Whether to fight or to end the war, work together to find a way to solve the root cause, you make a choice.”
“If you want to fight, to be honest, I’m also prepared. Even if you leave me today, everyone will die together.”
He said with a smile and waved his hand.
“what have you done?”
The complexion of Rocky and others changed.
“The mountains and plains are full of gunpowder. As long as I don’t go back, you will hear the sound of the cannon. It’s kind of bang, bang, and exciting.”
Hearing that, everyone gritted their teeth and itchy teeth with anger, they said how dare Jiangning come to the camp of the six major sects.
This bastard! Already prepared!
“Jiangning, can you really solve the gray fog?”
Master Listening Zen ignored what Jiang Ning said, staring at Jiang Ning, and asked seriously, “You should know that these mists have swallowed several sects, making them disappear completely, leaving no bones.”
Speaking of this, everyone has a trace of fear and helplessness on their faces.
Jiang Ning nodded earnestly, “Master, please believe me, I can solve it, otherwise, I won’t live.”
At this point, Master Listening Zen nodded and folded his hands together: “I believe, then my Buddhism will withdraw.”
After speaking, he turned his head to look at the others: “How about you?”
“If you can’t solve it, then I will fight you to the death!”
Sect Master of Eight Swords Sect even more Jian Bahan said, “I also withdraw.”
“Since you are all withdrawing, then stop the war temporarily, but you dare to deceive us, even if we die with you, we will surely let the Green Mountain Sect be destroyed first!”
Sect Master Yun Zhongxian of Longkong Mountain sect sternly shouted.
Seeing that everyone was about to quit, the immeasurable Taoist called out, without saying anything, only two simple words: “Quit.”
In the end, only Rocky was left.
The other five sects all chose to stop fighting for the time being to see how Jiang Ning solved the gray fog. If it can be solved, then everyone will be happy.
If it can’t be solved, they will have enough cultivation and nourishment by then, and it will be easy to destroy the Qingshan Sect in one fell swoop.
What can Rocky say?
Seeing Mr. Lang nodded and expressed his approval, he naturally did not refuse, “If this is the case, then stop and wait for the Green Mountain Sect to resolve the gray mist. If it can’t be resolved, then I will say the ugly thing ahead, you Jiangning, I will kill myself. !”
Jiang Ning got up, not paying attention to Rocky’s threat.
No matter who wants to kill him, don’t talk about it with your lips, you will know it only by taking practical actions, saying so much is for nothing.
“Two months, give me two months.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning turned around and left, leaving with Liu Zong and Liu Heng. The calm and calm appearance made people couldn’t help but admire.
He took two people into the negotiation of the six major sects, and then persuaded everyone to leave calmly. The courage alone was enough to make people admire.
Looking at the back of Jiang Ning leaving, everyone’s expressions were different, but Mr. Lang still maintained a gentle smile, which made people feel like a spring breeze.
It seems that there is nothing that can give him the slightest change in his mood and emotions.
Jiang Ning took Liu Zongliuheng out of the camp of the six major sects. The two people beside him had their backs wet with cold sweat long ago. They were tight and still tense, afraid after a while.
If you don’t make a good deal, then today, it’s really dead!
“Brother Jiang, is this negotiation?”
Liu Zong couldn’t help asking.
He saw Jiang Ning dumbfounded Rocky and the others were speechless, not like negotiating, but as if to inform things.
“Yes, this is negotiation.”
Jiang Ning said lightly.

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