Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2146

Jiang Ning, who was most suspicious, was no longer suspicious. What happened?
There was a wave of anxiety in the hearts of everyone.
Because they know that even Master Listening Zen will be killed, and their strength is no better than Master Listening Zen.
Perhaps they will be their next turn!
Jiang Ning stood there, with the Great Elder and Liu Chuandao beside him, and a dense group of disciples behind him. Everyone was united. If someone dared to step forward today, they would dare not die and fight to the end!
Today’s Green Mountain Sect is not in the past. They know very well what Jiang Ning means to them.
With Jiang Ning here, there is hope for the Qingshan Sect. If Jiangning is killed by them, then the Qingshan Sect will be over. Everyone can’t be alone.
Master , I think it should not be Jiang Ning.” Li Guang said, “He has no reason to kill Master Listening Zen.”
He glanced at Jiang Ning, and he knew that Jiang Ning was not a killer, only the one who provoke him, Jiang Ning. Then he would do it, otherwise, he would not let himself go.
“Are you sure?”
Li Xuan frowned and asked.
Li Guang didn’t say any more, just nodded gently.
He believed in his own feelings. Behind this incident, there must be someone else, and no one knows who it is, but if he believes that it is Jiang Ning now, he will probably understand the way of others.
Instead, doing something wrong.
“I will find out the clues.”
Li Xuan said, “Jiang Ning, if I am sure that it is you, I will definitely come again and seek justice for Master Listening Zen!”
“At that time, no matter how you protect the Qingshan Sect, it will be useless! ”
After speaking, he beckoned and led away.
This is a whirlpool of right and wrong, it is definitely not a good thing to be rashly involved, the other sect masters saw this and didn’t say anything.
They really don’t have any evidence. Simply relying on the death of Master Listening Zen in Diamond Fist, it is indeed impossible to determine that it was Jiang Ning. What’s more, the people of Buddhism didn’t come by themselves, and they seemed to have no confidence.
Sect Master Longshan Mountain glanced at Jiang Ning and led people away.
Immediately, the people of several sects left, and only the people of Tianlianzong remained standing there.
Luo Qi’s face was a bit ugly, his hideous face looked like a ghost.
He stared at Jiang Ning, the coldness in his eyes, without any concealment.
“You can’t fool me.”
Rocky said.
Jiang Ning did not talk nonsense, raised his hand, and hundreds of bows and arrows were ready immediately behind him: “People of the Tianlianzong, dare to step forward and kill without mercy!”
Rocky’s pupils shrank suddenly, but Jiang Ning was so strong.
He took the steps he was about to take, took it back, and nodded: “Okay! Okay! I’m waiting for your downfall, when the Qingshan Sect is destroyed, when you kneel before me begging for mercy!
” Go!” The other sects have all gone. He is a Tianlian Sect, and now it is impossible to deal with the Qingshan Sect.
He didn’t pay attention to the people from Liuchuandao, but Jiangning was indeed not simple.
Not only is he talented and powerful, but he is also amazingly resourceful. The average person can’t match it. Even him, he is always led by Jiang Ning. When he reacts, it is already too late.
Yanagawa breathed a sigh of relief as everyone from the five sects left.
“Master Listening Zen is dead,” he said with a serious expression, “? Lu Kuangshan and Lu Wudi? Is that person?”
Jiang Ning reminded him to pay attention to Mr. Lang. All he could think of was the mysterious man.
The great elder has already investigated. Within the mountain gate, he has never heard of this Mr. Lang. He is not a member of the six major sects. Similarly, other sects have never heard of this Mr. Lang.
It’s like, like Jiang Ning, someone from outside the sky!

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