Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2149

finally got all.
Rocky snorted, since these guys chose to negotiate with Jiang Ning, it was destined to have such a day.
“Sect Master, what do they do?”
Luo Long asked.
Taking down these sect masters is equivalent to pinching their throats, but it is not that easy to threaten others.
“Take it home first, and it’s closed. There are still many elders in their sect. Only if they have been taken down can they really control a few sects.”
Luo Qi said, “It’s a pity that the people of the Buddha Sect ran away. ”
Even if Master Listening Zen is dead, it can’t make up.
Originally, he wanted to control the other five sects. In this way, he would control the six sects alone!
Being able to control six sects at the same time, can his strength become stronger?
Whatever you want becomes extremely easy, not to mention Qingshanzong, even if you want to conquer other sects, it is not difficult.
“I don’t know if they will give in.”
Luo Long frowned, “These guys, none of them can be dealt with.”
“In my hands, there will be no bones!”
Rocky snorted, ” Okay , do it, very Quickly, within this mountain gate, it is ours!”
Luo Long nodded immediately.
Looking at the five major sects who were in a coma, Luo Qi squinted his eyes. It was not easy for him to get to this point. He had no choice, otherwise, these bastards would simply cooperate.
Everyone is pregnant, what else can be done?
He took a deep breath, his eyes were deep, his face suddenly twitched, as if he had forgotten what he was going to do, and it took him a long time to return to normal.
at the same time.
Jiang Ning took Liu Zong and Liu Heng and rushed to the Buddha Sect.
“Brother Jiang, the people of the Buddha
Sect , will they do something with us?” Liu Zong was a little worried.
Master Listening Zen is dead, that’s the suzerain of the Buddha Sect!
Not only in the sect, but also in the entire mountain gate, there is a lot of prestige.
Now Jiang Ning is regarded as a suspect, so he takes the initiative to come to the door, he is really afraid that the people of the Buddha Sect will directly kill them!
“Yes, the people of Buddhism must be very angry at the moment. We are really worried when we come to the door like this.”
Liu Heng nodded also.
Both people are worried, not because they are afraid of death.
To live or die today depends on which one is more meaningful.
However, it is obviously meaningless to die for nothing.
Jiang? Zhexi Shan Yi Yi Er Shi Ling? Ning said directly, “We are going to mourn Master Listening Zen, they won’t do it.”
How could Jiang Ning not know if you kill Master Listening Zen? ?
He really didn’t expect that the other party would use the Diamond Fist to do it, which is to blame for himself, and at the same time clear the suspicion for himself.
He glanced at the two people: “Even if they want to do something , they will only kill me and won’t kill you.” “We are not afraid of death,”
Liu Zong shook his head, “It’s just that this matter is too strange, don’t you think? ? ” ”
that negotiation, listening to Zen master is clearly on our side and support us, but the next day he was killed, it is not that, some people do not want to see him on our side? ” ”
Yes , Master Listening Zen is highly respected. Even though I am an enemy of the Qingshan Sect, we still respect him. He was killed by an adulterer, which is a pity.”
Jiang Ning glanced at the two people and couldn’t help laughing.
“Finally, I will use my brain.”
He didn’t say much, and now there is no point in explaining anything. After the Buddha Zong, he will know what is going on.
Jiang Ning urged the two people to speed up, but now there is not much time, and it can be wasted.

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