Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2155

Several elders clenched their fists, they had never been so angry and helpless.
They didn’t expect that they would use people to attract firepower and take the opportunity to rush over, but they couldn’t help the disciples to die.
“The people of the Green Mountain Sect are here!”
Suddenly, a voice came from behind, and Elder Listening Feng suddenly raised his head.
The people of the Green Mountain Sect are here?
How can they come?
“Sect Master Liu and others are here!”
“And that Jiangning!”
Hearing the name Jiang Ning, Elder Tingfeng suddenly felt relieved, an inexplicable sense of relief, as if Jiang Ning came, and all problems could be solved.
He didn’t even know why he felt this way.
Soon, Jiang Ning came over, with Liu Chuan Dao and Liu Zong Liu Heng beside him.
“Sect Master Liu, I didn’t expect you to come.”
Elder Tingfeng said, “Our six major sects used to target the Qingshan Sect, but now you are here to save people.”
“Everyone has a community with a shared future,”
Yanagawa nodded, “If Luoqi succeeds, then my Green Mountain Sect will not have any good results, I am not for you.”
He spoke very straightforwardly, with nothing to hide.
Elder Tingfeng nodded, still grateful in his heart.
“It’s just that we can’t get through now,”
He pointed to the grove on the opposite side, “It’s a high ground. I don’t know how many archers are hidden. It’s too accurate. Several of our disciples have already died.”
He pointed to his hand, and the cloth strip on it had been dyed red with blood.
Liu Chuandao took a look, frowned, the archer who couldn’t even escape the elder Tingfeng?
When did Tianlianzong have such a master?
“This is a bit troublesome, is there only one way up the mountain?”
He asked.
“Yes, there was originally a way to the back of the mountain, but it was cut off by the people of the Tianlian Sect, so I can only go up here.”
“Rocky must now be waiting for the other four sects to surrender, and controlling them is equivalent to directly controlling the five sects. He only listens to his orders. In this way, he can do whatever he wants.”
Elder Ting Feng said, “I am even more worried that it is not Rocky that controls everything behind the scenes, but Mr. Lang.”
This is what he worries most.
Jiang Ning glanced at a few people, and then looked up at the small woods on Yanshan Road. His eyes were like electronic infrared scanners, and he saw several possible locations at once.
On stealth assassination, Jiang Ning is the ancestor!
He didn’t talk nonsense, and just walked out, scared that Elder Listening Feng’s face changed drastically.
“Jiangning! What are you doing!”
Jiang Ning ignored him, took a step, and there was a sound of breaking through the air!
Elder Tingfeng’s back is a little cold, will Jiang Ning go to die?
call out!
The arrow shot out, but Jiang Ning didn’t even look at it. He just moved his body slightly and avoided the arrow.
The arrow was nailed to Jiang Ning’s foot, less than ten centimeters away, and the elder Feng and the others were stunned!
Jiang Ning did not stop, and continued to move forward, but the movement of his body changed, which made people incomprehensible and very strange.
In my ears, the sound of breaking through the air continued, and arrows continued to shoot at Jiangning!
call out!
call out!
call out!

But Jiang Ning, strolling in the courtyard, was like walking in the back garden of his own home. Those arrows, as if afraid of him, were all avoided, and even Jiang Ning’s clothes were not touched.
Elder Tingfeng and the others were dumbfounded, and those disciples’ eyes widened, unable to believe what they saw before them.
This is too scary, right?
How did Jiang Ning do it? Those archers seemed to have nothing to do with Jiang Ning.
Before they could react, Jiang Ning had already reached the small forest quickly, his figure flashed, and he got into the forest!

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