Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2172

Obviously I have seen it many times and even said something, but to this day, Luo Long remembered the existence of this person for the first time.
What a terrible thing is this?
People who have never experienced it can’t believe it at all.
Luo Long frowned, and only after he calmed down, could he think about what happened during this period of time.
Originally, he thought that everything was normal. Whether it was sending people to sneak into the Qingshan Sect, or wanting to marry the Qingshan Sect to infiltrate the Qingshan Sect, or to the back, everyone broke their skin and directly joined the five major sects to besiege Qingshan Zong, all this is justified.
Because they want to survive, in order to survive, what they should do, even if it is to sacrifice their own lives.
But now, it’s not anymore.
He felt that Rocky had been brainwashed, and now he was completely in a crazy state!
Kill the lord of other sects?
Like listening to Zen master?
Luo Long’s heart suddenly shook, thinking of Master Listening Zen, he seemed to think of something all of a sudden.
“Is it?”
They always thought that Master Listening Zen was killed by Jiang Ning, but now it seems that if Jiang Ning really killed him, why didn’t the people of Buddhism go to Qingshan Sect to look for Jiangning, instead they even joined Qingshan Sect and went to Tianlianzong to discuss Want to say?
He got up, did not hesitate, and immediately walked towards the back mountain.
at the same time.
Jiang Ning followed those people again and delivered food to the Houshan cave.
It is obviously useless to find the antidote through poisoning.
Rocky was too cautious, so cautious that he was a little perverted, even the housekeeper who had followed him for so many years, he could doubt, who could approach him?
Even if there is an antidote, he will only put it on himself.
“eat quickly!”
“Like a dog, you are hungry if you have the ability? Aren’t you on the top?”
“Hahaha, don’t you want to eat what fell on the ground? It’s really obedient.”
“Sect Masters, where is your face?”

Several people sneered and looked at these Sect Masters and elders. In order to maintain their strength, they had to bow their heads and be humiliated by them. That feeling was really cool.
“Have you learned?”
The person taking the lead looked at Jiang Ning, “That’s it, don’t be polite to them, these people, they have to stay here for the rest of their lives, like dogs.”
“It’s a pity, the scenery was no longer yesterday, are you uncomfortable?”
Elder Tingfeng and the others did not say a word. If they were not poisoned and weakened, these people would have been killed by them!
“I will think of another way.”
Jiang Ning exchanged a glance with Elder Tingfeng and said softly.
He was about to leave, and there was a voice outside the door.
“I have seen Elder Luolong.”
Luo Long?
Jiang Ning frowned slightly, how could he come here.
The door of the prison opened, Jiang Ning and others immediately stood aside, Luo Long stepped in.
Elder Tingfeng and the others, still sitting on the ground, looked up at Luo Long, all of them ugly.
“Meet Elder Luolong!”
The person who took the lead in delivering the meal said respectfully, as if he had to walk to Luolong, “Please rest assured, the elders, we are very entertained!”
Luo Long ignored him, took a look, and saw that everyone was sitting on the ground, food was thrown everywhere, even food was obviously stepped on by his feet, and there were still food on the faces and hair of several elders. leaf.
“Elder Luolong, these old guys don’t know their situation yet. They dare to challenge my Tianlianzong. I have already taught them!”
The person who took the lead was somewhat proud, and seemed to want Luo Long’s praise.
“That’s how you entertained them?”
Luo Long turned his head and stared at him with cold eyes.
Without waiting for the person to speak, Luo Long slapped him over and flew him to the ground, hitting the wall heavily, then hit the ground, and howled in pain.

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