Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2192

He looked at the blood in his palm, his eyes gloomy.
“I didn’t expect it.”
Mr. Lang’s face kept falling, gradually revealing his true face.
Young, looks like a teenager!
But his age, no one knows, listening to the voice, and vicissitudes of life like an old man.
“What a terrible fist.”
He spit out the blood in his mouth, took a few deep breaths, and coughed violently. He didn’t expect that he would be injured one day.
Moreover, it was hurt by young people like Jiang Ning.
In his mind, it was still playing back. Just now, Jiang Ning’s few strokes of Ji Dao boxing, every stroke and every style, made his eyes tremble.
“Unexpectedly, we all underestimated this boxing technique.”
Mr. Lang’s eyes were deep, like galaxies, which made people unable to see what he was thinking.
He adjusted for a while before he could stand firm.
If you let those old friends see, I’m afraid they will laugh out loud!
After a while, he recovered and moved away.
In the whole mountain gate, there are many sects, but they are very open and far apart.
From east to west, there is a stretch of mountains, and from south to north, there is a river. The place where the mountains and the river meet is the lowest place in the entire terrain. On the whole, it is like a bowl.
On both sides of the mountains, the sects are scattered everywhere.
Nowadays, the closer the place is to the northern border, the fewer people are. Several sects that once stood in the northern border have long since disappeared, and no one is left.
The further north, the misty gray mist exudes a breath of murder.
It seems to come from hell, cold and lifeless, wherever you go, no grass grows!
This desolate look was so frightening that no one dared to approach it.
Da da da!
There was a slight sound of footsteps, and Mr. Lang walked to the boundary of the gray material and squinted his eyes to look around. He looked lifeless and could not see a figure.
He was expressionless, did not put the gray mist that other people were talking about in his eyes, and walked straight into it.
The mist was heavy and gloomy, as if covering the whole world.
Mr. Lang ignored them. The fog did not directly melt people and disappear from this world as Luo Long said. It was just that Mr. Lang’s shoulders were stained with some dew.
As he walked, the mist couldn’t stop his sight.
In the misty fog, Mr. Lang could not be seen, only the slight but rhythmic footsteps could be heard.
The mist in front of Mr. Lang became thinner and thinner, and his vision gradually widened.
What appeared in front of me was a lake, surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the opening was a plain. It was the mist that continuously evaporated from the surface of the lake and filled all directions.
By the lake, there is a small house built of wood. Just looking at the traces of moss on it, you know that this wooden house has a lot of time.
Mr. Lang still had no expression, stepped towards the room, pushed the door and entered.
The furnishings in the room are simple, except for a bed and a table, there is a mirror and nothing else.
He walked to the mirror, looked at his face, looked at the mirror, his cloudy eyes!
“I almost forgot, what I look like.”
His voice was hoarse and deep, as thick as an ancient bell.
The hands, gently brushing across the face, seemed to feel the texture of every skin, is it the same as the impression.
After a while, Mr. Lang put his hand down, sat in front of the mirror, and looked at himself quietly.
He opened the drawer, took out a human skin mask, carefully put it on again, and became another stranger even to himself.

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