Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2203

If it’s outside the mountain gate, shouldn’t I go back to the mountain gate again?
The words Professor Lu Jing said echoed in his mind all the time.
At that time, I only thought it was mysterious, mysterious and magical, but now that I think about it, it is really not what ordinary people can find.
Especially those people mentioned by Mr. Lang confirmed these speculations.
There are still too many unknowns in this world.
Not to mention anything else, who can explain this Jidao fist score alone?
Who left it?
What era left it?
Who is it for?
Where does the map above point to?
There are a series of questions that people simply don’t understand. So many people have been pursuing them for so many years, but they haven’t been able to figure it out.
And now, it seems that it is time to slowly approach the answer.
at the same time.
In the north, the mountain is not far from the lake.
Mr. Lang stood there, looking at the direction of the lake from a distance.
Those eyes are deep, like galaxies!
He could see that someone was already guarding the lake, and if he went there, someone would definitely stop him.
He is not afraid of those people. He wants to stop himself with the rubbish?
However, he didn’t need to waste time.
After watching for a long time, Mr. Lang turned his head and turned back to the cave. There was a person lying on a stone bed, surrounded by strange herbs, emitting a faint fragrance, which kept the air cold all the time.
“Wait for me here.”
He stretched out his hand and gently stroked the man’s face, his eyes gentle.
Immediately, Mr. Lang stretched out his hand and shook it, as if by magic, and instantly surrounded the stone bed with a layer of frosted glass, and nothing was seen.
His eyes gradually became sharp and sharp!
“Even if you find out, I don’t care.”
He sneered, “Big deal, just kill it!”
After speaking, his figure flashed and disappeared.
At that time.
The Green Mountain Sect has strong defenses.
Now it is not only the disciples of the Qingshan Sect, but also patrols day and night, as well as the disciples of other masters of the sect. Together, they help to protect the entire Qingshan sect from the third and outer three floors, and protect it from the wind.
It is extremely difficult even for a fly to fly in.
In the hall, there must always be a few elders sitting in town, so as to avoid unexpected events, they can rush over at any time.
Others are trying to find a way, on the one hand, searching for the ancient books in their own sect, as much as possible to find the origin and clues about Mr. Lang, because according to Jiang Ning’s guess, Mr. Lang will definitely not be an ordinary person.
It may even exceed everyone’s imagination and cognition!
What did this mountain gate appear in the first place, and why did it exist? As long as you find the root of everything, you can find the answer.
Jiangning is also in the Qingshan School, and in the study of Yanagawa Road, because he can feel that Mr. Lang will definitely come!
And here is the place to leave the mountain gate.
He sat quietly, already late at night, still not sleeping.
He half-closed his eyes, leaning on the chair, as if he had settled down.
Suddenly, Jiang Ning opened his eyes and burst into two divine lights instantly!
“Sure enough, it’s coming!”
He felt it!
At the moment he felt it, Mr. Lang also felt the existence of Jiang Ning.
He is here!
Have sneaked into the Green Mountain Sect!
At this moment, Mr. Lang grabbed a person in his hand, stuck his neck, his face was calm, but the murderous in his eyes was extremely terrifying!
He twisted the man’s neck and threw it on the ground casually, looking at the direction of the study where Jiang Ning was, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised.
“You? Shanluxi care about Shanwulu? No one can stop me, except for the two of them, no one can stop me!” As soon as the voice fell, his figure was hidden in the dark again, but he was facing straight. Leaving the study room where Jiang Ning was located, very fast!
Like the phantom in the night, terrifying and terrifying!

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