Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2206

At that time.
The depths of Zhongnan Mountain.
There was a loud noise, and immediately, black smoke billowed.
Mr. Lang appeared!
However, as soon as he took his head, he felt a dangerous breath coming from his back, and his keen perception ability suddenly judged that it was dangerous!
Without waiting for his reaction-
“Do it!” A
voice came, and Mr. Lang looked down and felt that the ground seemed to become hot instantly!
A little under his feet, he rushed out immediately.
explosions, one after another, thick smoke from under his feet, to the surroundings, and then spread out, exploding as many as possible.
Mr. Lang did not expect that there was an ambush here.
He dodges quickly, doing his best, not daring to let himself be bombed, but the dense explosives seems to be leveling this area.
Thick smoke and dust roll!
After a while, all the explosions stopped.
Watching the dust flying all over the sky, he slowly became quiet, and when all the dust settled, Brother Dog walked out, frowned slightly as he watched the pool of blood on the ground.
“Is it impossible to blow up like this?”
He couldn’t help being frightened.
The ambush arranged like this, let alone a person, even if it is a sensitive animal in the world, don’t even think about reacting, it will be blown to pieces!
But that person escaped unexpectedly.
a wave of fluctuations came, and someone came again.
Brother Gou didn’t move this time, he knew who it was.
Jiang Ning is back.
“Big Brother.”
Gougge shouted, “According to your plan, we arranged it, but we couldn’t kill him.”
His face was full of shock, and he couldn’t believe it.
“Is this guy a human?”
There is almost no blind spot with such dense explosives. As long as it appears there, it is definitely a dead end. Mr. Kerang escaped.
Jiang Ning glanced at the blood shed on the ground.
“He was seriously injured.”
Although he failed to kill Mr. Lang, he was at least seriously injured. I am afraid that Mr. Lang would not know that the outside world is indeed dangerous, but in his opinion, ordinary people are equally acceptable. Hit him hard.
Jiang Ning had known for a long time that after Mr. Lang was forced out, he would definitely choose to leave the mountain gate, so he arranged for Brother Gou and the others to come back early and made this arrangement.
Even just now, when the two played against each other, Jiang Ning deliberately asked Mr. Lang to guide him away from the study and gave Mr. Lang a chance to escape…
But he didn’t expect that, that’s it, he still failed to kill Mr. Lang!
“Outside Fang Qiu, they have made arrangements. I don’t know if they can stop him.”
Brother Gou frowned. “We will chase immediately. We should be able to catch up.”
Jiang Ning nodded without delay: “Chasing! ”
He immediately took the dog brother to chase.
And Mr. Lang was indeed seriously injured.
He didn’t expect that he would be ambushed, not to mention that all this was Jiang Ning’s arrangement. Jiang Ning’s vision and strategy made Mr. Lang understand that he still underestimated Jiang Ning.
Coming out from the depths of Zhongnan Mountain, he was chasing and intercepting along the way, and Mr. Lang was almost mad.
He remembers that when he came out last time, it was not like that. Those from the hidden family respected themselves as gods!
But now, they dare to kill themselves!
Finally, he escaped from Zhongnan Mountain and disappeared.
Jiang Ning did not chase him, and saw some blood stains along the road, obviously Mr. Lang’s injury was not light.
“Master, he was too strong for failing to stay.”
Fang Qiu was a little upset.
They made a lot of preparations, almost bringing together the masters of the eight great families, and they were also equipped with a lot of weapons, but they still let Mr. Lang escape.
Even the seriously injured Mr. Lang, they are not opponents at all.

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