Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2210

“Different time and space terrains are intertwined. On our planet, what can be found at present is this area.”
He sighed.
If it was someone else, hearing Lu Jing say something like this, I’m afraid he would be regarded as a lunatic directly. I don’t know what to say in nonsense, but Jiang Ning knows that the world is too complicated.
What they can see is indeed only the tip of the iceberg, and there are many things that have never been seen.
What they can see is indeed only some people who are willing to let them see.
Jiang Ning did not speak, but seemed to be thinking.
He looked at the topographical map on the screen and pointed his finger: “In other words, this place is currently a place we can explore. Perhaps from here, we can confirm whether your guess is correct.”
Lu Jing nod.
“But here, it belongs to no man’s land.”
He looked at Jiang Ning, “What is dangerous and what will happen, we don’t know. The risk is great, is it worth the risk?”
“If it was before, it should not be worth it, but now, There is no way.”
Jiang Ning laughed.
Mr. Lang has come out. It is difficult to find him hiding in the vast crowd. His purpose is naturally the Jidao Boxing Sheet, which is the map on the Boxing Sheet, where it points.
He will definitely go there, and he will, I am afraid he is not alone!
Jiangning must go.
Hearing this, Lu Jing seemed to have guessed something.
“There are things that are covered in dust in the years and should not see people, but some things are very valuable. These values ​​are not necessarily because of money, but because, perhaps these things can give us more reflection. ”
His words are always full of philosophies, and if you don’t listen carefully, you may not understand them carefully.
Jiang Ning understood.
He nodded: “I know, I have worked hard for you, Professor Lu.”
“I’m just studying something here, what can I do for you,”
Lu Jing smiled, “It is you who have worked so hard and have taken too much. I can help you share a little bit, that is my honour.”
Needless to say, Jiang Ning can understand.
“Okay, I will continue to research. I will tell you what I find in time. Also, tell me when you are going to leave. I have prepared something for you.”
Jiang Ning nodded, no more Say more, turned and left.
He knew that it was necessary to go to that place, and he had to go as soon as possible.
But now, he wants to go home and accompany Lin Yuzhen, for a long time, he hasn’t seen her.
at the same time.
In a no-man’s land.
There is no one because no one else comes here. In this virgin forest, ordinary people can’t get in at all, not just the ferocious beasts in the forest, but also because it is like a maze.
Any electronic device will lose its function if it enters the forest, and it is impossible to tell the direction.
Even if the current technology is more advanced, no one can detect this area smoothly, and even some weird events have occurred, making people tacitly regard this no man’s land as a real dead place.
But here, someone.
In the depths of the mountain forest, there is a clearing, relying on the foot of the mountain, looking down from the sky, but nothing can be seen.
An old castle is located there, looking lonely and deserted.
In the dim castle, there seemed to be few people, and the breath that came out made people shudder!
It seems, what kind of dead place is this, there are no living people here? Lu Ai loves to patronize her? Live here.
“He is back.”
In the corridor, a word suddenly echoed, echoing constantly.
“He’s back…”
“He’s back…”
If it is heard, it will definitely make your scalp numb!
It’s terrible!
The hoarse voice, a little low, as if the throat was blocked by something, every word was trembling, and the air was humming!

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