Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2219

No one dared to go up.
Even Tan Xing and others clearly understood that compared with the savage in front of him, it was completely the difference between heaven and earth, and he was not a person of the same level.
And when the opponent opened his mouth, it was Ji Dao Fist, obviously knowing this kind of domineering fist.
Seeing no one came up, the savage sighed, a little unhappy.
“What’s the matter, do you look down on me, or something, no one dares to come up?”
“Or you are too foolish. Don’t you know if you lose or lose? With so many people, no one dares to come up.”
He cursed. , Hot temper.
“Your Excellency…”
“What’s your Excellency?”
A martial arts master couldn’t help but was scolded immediately, “Seeing that you are not too young, don’t know how to respect the elderly?” The savage stared his eyes and roared.
“How old are you?” The martial arts master was a little annoyed and couldn’t help but said, “I am sixty this year!”
“Boy.” The savage laughed, “I thought how old.”
Tan Xing and the group stopped talking. Looking at each other, he was shocked, even a sixty-year-old child in front of a wild man?
How old is that savage?
“Is there anyone?” The savage shouted, “If there is no one, I will kick this sign of Jidao Martial Arts Center!”
“Senior is merciful.”
Suddenly, a voice came from behind.
The savage turned his head to look, and he recognized it at a glance. It was the person who was chasing after him in front of the old castle that day?
His eyes, like a sharp blade, swept across Jiang Ning, from the strands of hair to the soles of his feet, he looked seriously, and he nodded while watching.
“Yes, yes, finally there is one to see.”
He stretched out his hand and pointed to the four big characters of Jidao Martial Arts Hall
. ” You opened this Martial Arts Hall?” “Exactly.”
Jiang Ning walked over and clicked. Nodded, his eyes were not guarded, and he maintained a respectful posture. He knew that the savage in front of him was the existence of the ancient castle in the primitive deep forest.
Especially just now, when he heard the savages call the sixty-year-old master as a kid, he knew that the savage in front of him was absolutely extraordinary.
“It’s OK.”
Savage said.
He looked at Jiang Ning: “Then you make gestures with me?” As soon as the voice fell, without waiting for Jiang Ning to speak, the savage moved!
The speed was extremely fast, like a black shadow, rushing to Jiangning in an instant, Tan Xing and others were shocked when they saw it, but they didn’t expect the savage to suddenly start.
Before they could react, a loud noise came.
The savage’s fist slammed into Jiang Ning’s fist, like two pieces of steel, slapped together.
The violent energy exploded in an instant, and the air seemed to be compressed, causing tinnitus.
The two separated quickly.
The savage stared at Jiang Ning and looked again, slowly narrowing his eyes, the coldness in his eyes made everyone around him tremble.
Is this going to fight?
“Thank you seniors for showing mercy.”
Jiang Ning took the initiative to speak.
“Huh, you are humble.” The savage hummed.
Of course he knew that Jiang Ning didn’t use his full strength, and even this kid hid so deeply, where his limit was, he didn’t even figure it out.
After speaking, the wild man took his hand.
“Don’t fight anymore.”
He glanced at Jiang Ning. “The old man is here, so don’t you please go in for some tea. Is it impolite to be a junior now?”
Jiang Ning smiled.
“How dare you, senior please.”
He beckoned, and the person at the gate of the martial arts hall immediately separated.
They didn’t know what happened, nor why Jiang Ning wanted to invite this terrible savage into the martial arts hall, but this was Jiang Ning’s decision, and no one dared to disobey.
The savage’s nose turned to the sky, without looking at other people, he stepped in.
No one dared to say one more word.
Jiang Ning accompanied him in and brought people tea and cakes, very polite.
“Senior, please use tea.”

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