Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2223

The man resisted fiercely, struggling fiercely, but couldn’t move at all.
“Who! Dare to come here to make trouble, kill me!”
I don’t know who shouted, all the people in the casino rushed over, and some even picked up the sticks and long knives placed in the corner, and they were fierce.
Mr. Lang turned his head and glanced at them, his eyes gradually cooling down.
He broke the neck of the person in front of him directly, like throwing a bag of garbage aside.
Mr. Lang snorted like a wolf into the flock and rushed into the crowd.

In less than a minute, everyone was lying on the ground, either their arms were directly broken or their legs were broken.
Painful wailing and screams continued to sound.
Mr. Lang stood there and said lightly: “Who is in charge?”
Behind the door, a dark-skinned man, breathing a bit, holding a firearm in his hand, suddenly rushed out from behind the door and aimed at Mr. Lang!
He did not hesitate, and immediately pulled the trigger!
Mr. Lang is gone!
The next moment, a voice rang in the man’s ear.
“too slow.”
He directly clasped the man’s neck: “Go to hell.”
Without any hesitation, he broke his neck!
Mr. Lang stood there and glanced.
“Here, who is in charge?”
He asked again, “If no one answers me yet, everyone here today will have to die.”
His tone is calm, but what he says is not calm at all, full of murderous aura!
No one answered, Mr. Lang stepped on one of the necks, and that person was killed instantly!
“Still no one said it?”
He was like a cold assassin, expressionless, moving his hands, let alone a little soft.
Several people in succession were trampled to death by Mr. Lang. The cruel appearance made the others shiver.
“Please let us go, let us go!”
They didn’t know where the devil came from. It was so terrifying, killing people without blinking, and even more terrifying than the most terrifying person they had ever seen.
Even bullets can dodge, is this still a human?
“Tell me, who is your boss.”
Mr. Lang raised one foot and glanced at the person under his feet. As long as he gets down, that person will undoubtedly die!
“it’s me!”
Before he could do anything, the man at his feet finally couldn’t help it, and tremblingly shouted, “It’s me! It’s me!”
“I have the final say here!”
This sounded very domineering, but when he spoke, his body trembled a lot.
He looked up at Mr. Lang’s face with fear in his eyes.
“Who, exactly are you? What do you want to do!”
Mr. Lang smiled, but looked even more terrifying. He lifted the man up with one hand and threw it onto the chair.
“How many people do you have?”
He asked.
“I’m just a little boss, there is a boss above me, we help the lord… we help the lord, you have to ask him.”
He didn’t dare to say too much about such a terrifying character, but he didn’t want to die either.
“Then call your helper.”
Mr. Lang doesn’t want to waste time, “If he doesn’t come, you will all have to die.”
The man dared not say anything, and hurriedly called, with a hint of crying in his voice: “Jerry…is about to save us, otherwise we will all be finished!”
After speaking, I hung up on the other end of the phone.
Mr. Lang was not in a hurry, pulled a chair and sat down, quietly waiting for someone to come.
On the ground, those dozens of people were still lying, no one would dare to stand up without Mr. Lang.
No matter how painful they were, they would not dare to hum, lying on the ground obediently, like a gentle dog.
Soon, there was the sound of the car braking outside, and immediately the sound of dense footsteps.

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