Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 2230

There was a strange expression on his face, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”
His gaze turned to Jiang Ning again, and his eyes changed slightly.
This made him a little surprised, Jiang Ning actually walked with the old naughty boy.
But today, his face is not worried.
“Dead!” The old naughty boy didn’t have a word of nonsense at all, and rushed over with a low growl.
He hadn’t even remembered the true identity of Mr. Lang, but as long as he saw those eyes, he knew that this person was the one he wanted to kill!
call out!
call out!
The old naughty boy moved, and Mr. Lang also moved.
The two shot at the same time, instantly, slammed together!
The earth is shaking!
The castle seemed to shake.
Jiang Ning did not intervene. This level of fighting was too amazing. In the past, Jiang Ning didn’t know that there was such a terrible existence in this world.
The old naughty boy and Mr. Shan Fu Wu served Mr. Xi Yi Wu Lang with a few tricks, and the underground hall shook suddenly.
“Dead! Die! Die!” The old naughty boy yelled, his punches were fierce and violent, it was the ultimate boxing technique!
Jiang Ning’s eyes narrowed slightly. Sure enough, just as he guessed, the old naughty boy had also studied the Ji Dao Boxing Book, and what he was using at the moment was exactly the moves on the Ji Dao Boxing Book.
“You can’t kill me.”
Mr. Lang laughed. “Aren’t you playing with me in applause back then?”
“I use you and use you as a tool, do you hate me?”
“Hate me! You have to hate me!” As he fought, he said irritating things, and the old naughty face became more and more red. In one nostril, even a white breath was expelled. That was anger!
The fighting was fierce, and apart from Jiang Ning, I am afraid that no one else could see them.
too fast!
This level of masters fighting, changing to someone else, simply cannot understand.
Jiang Ning squeezed his fists and stared at Mr. Lang. If he did it together today, he might be able to save Mr. Lang’s life!
“Jiang Ning,”
Mr. Lang seemed to guess what Jiang Ning wanted to do, “Stop dreaming, even if you two join forces, it won’t help me, understand?”
” If you don’t believe me , you can try!”
Mr. Lang at the moment, breath It seemed a little different. It looked so strong in the past. Compared with the previous state in the mountain gate, it seemed to be a different person.
While fighting against the old urchin, he spoke to stimulate the old urchin, and provoke Jiang Ning with his eyes!
“Dead! Die! Die!” The old naughty boy was completely mad, his eyes turned red, and his sanity became a little confused. He was mumbling to kill Mr. Lang, becoming less calm.
“Not good.”
Jiang Ning’s heart was shocked. Mr. Lang’s purpose was to disturb the mind of the old naughty boy?
call out!
Regardless of so much, Jiang Ning immediately rushed out. Mr. Lang saw the opportunity and punched the old naughty boy back, and then rushed to the coffin with a weird smile.
“The time has come.”
Suddenly, he slammed a punch and hit the coffin hard.
The violent energy swept over, and almost instantly, the coffin burst open suddenly, torn apart!
Seeing this, the old naughty boy was almost crazy.
“Ah ah ah!”
He roared, the hub of the past, the foot may suddenly startled, his face reddened, a blood rushed to the room on his throat, wow bang, mouth spray blood.
Jiang Ning was surprised. He didn’t know what happened. Before it was over, the old naughty boy’s feet were soft, and he fell to the ground with no reaction.
He didn’t expect that this coffin was destroyed, and the old naughty boy would be like this.
“This is his fate.”
Mr. Lang laughed, like a madman, “Without this coffin, he will have no way to go back, hahahaha!”
After finishing speaking, before Jiang Ning chased him, Mr. Lang figured out. For a flash, disappeared.

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