Don't Mess with this Son-in-Law

Chapter: 1502

Jia’s house in Yuncheng.
“Sister, you can think about it again! I won’t help you handle this matter, I don’t have to make such a compromise!” Jia Ming persuaded.
Jia Rou seemed to be a little tired of hearing such words, she frowned, she sighed slightly, and then she said: “Father had promised people back then. Jia Rou has never been an unbelieving person. Amin, you I will understand my sister’s decision.
My father has been exhausted in the past two days, and his health is a bit bad. If you have time, go and see him. You don’t have to intervene in this matter, and I will solve it. ”
Jia Ming wanted to continue to say something, Jia Rou directly blocked it, and looked at the rest of his life behind Jia Ming subconsciously, with a touch of complexity in his eyes, and then closed the door of the room.
She is a very strong woman, sometimes she is more determined than a man, and even takes her life to pay the debt owed by her father.
Jia Ming was unwilling to pat the door a few times, but no one responded and could only give up. He looked back at Yu Sheng and complained: “Master, my sister can’t listen to what I said, but he can definitely listen to what you say. You have to go in, why don’t you help me persuade her?”
“You can’t figure out the essential reason for the matter at all right now. It’s useless for you to tell your sister about this matter, unless the person who helped your father back then.” Yu Sheng said lightly.
Jia Ming is not too stupid, it’s just that this matter is about his family.
“That person had premeditated a long time ago, he was just an old fox with deep intentions, thinking about marrying my sister, and taking the Jia family as his own by the way, this kind of person should not die!”
When Jia Ming thought that his sister was going to marry a vegetative, he was so angry that he vomited all the frustrated words in his heart.
Who would have thought that as soon as her words fell, Yu Sheng had a hit on her head, and Jia Ming grinned and rubbed the place where she had been hit by Yu Sheng just now.
“Master, you really turned your elbow out of the way, why did I say that that person would beat me? It really broke the heart of the apprentice!” Jia Ming was so angry that he wanted to cry, so he took the master. I asked him to come here to help Jia’s family. I didn’t think I could help, so I would help the enemy beat myself first.
“No matter how you say Jia Ming, he is also the benefactor of your Jia family. People made it clear at the beginning. I know you are protecting your sister, but you shouldn’t say that.” Yu Sheng looked very serious, he Knowing that Jia Ming’s temperament is deeply ingrained, it’s hard to change.
“Master knows that he was wrong, so I dare not do it next time.”
When Jia Ming saw that Yu Sheng was so serious, he could only be obedient. Two people were about the same age. Although Jia Ming was a little clever in some cases, he was not calm enough when things happened. With a steel heart.
Now that he came to Yuncheng, Yu Sheng had no plans to sit back and ignore it. No matter how much he spent with Jia Ming for a while, he felt a little affection for this second generation ancestor.
Yu Sheng inquired about it, and there was no need to bring Jia Ming to the place of the man, and he passed by alone, and he was going to see what kind of person he was.
When he came to a Chinese-style courtyard, Yu Sheng walked in, and the journey was unimpeded. The servant of this house only looked up when Yu Sheng came in, and did not stop or ask questions, as if directly ignoring Yu Sheng. The same.
Without the guidance of others, Yu Sheng can use his mind to perceive that he is waiting for him at the back mountain. The man looks more than 50 years old and looks meticulous and serious.
The man seemed to have guessed that the rest of his life could come. There were two teacups on the stone table, both of which were exposed to hot white mist. It was obvious that they had just fallen.
The man pointed to the position next to him and said, “Sit down! Rest of your life.”
“Are you from the national defense team?” Yu Sheng asked.

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