Hai Tong Zhan Yin

Chapter: 1989

After sitting down, I didn’t want to eat without taking two bites.

He got up and went straight outside.

Uncle Ming glanced at the dining table, followed Zhan Yin, and asked with concern as he walked: “Master, is it because you have a bad appetite, or is it that they don’t cook well?”

“My wife is not at home.”

Uncle Ming: “…”

The eldest young mistress has gone on a long trip with the old lady, and she doesn’t know when she will be back. Doesn’t the eldest and young master not eat?

“Where is the young master going?”

Zhan Yin didn’t answer.

A few minutes later, he drove out alone without letting the bodyguards follow him, but Uncle Ming still let Ah Qi and another bodyguard drive the car and follow secretly.

Ah Qi was driving, and he followed the young master’s car unhurriedly while driving, and said to the colleague in the passenger seat: “Recently, let’s be a little nervous, don’t make mistakes, and don’t be in the big car when you are fine. Shake in front of the young master.”

The colleague said: “Whoever wants to hang around in front of the young master is looking for death. The young lady is at home, so we don’t have to worry. The sky falls, and the young lady can support it with one hand. Now that the young lady is not at home, I can’t wait to be invisible. Get out of the way.”

“The young master is used to being accompanied by the young mistress, and the old lady takes the young mistress on a long trip without even saying hello. The young master has nowhere to vent his anger.”

“I don’t know where the young master is going.”

Ah Qi said, “I must have complained to Miss Hailing.”


Zhan Yin didn’t go to complain, but he did go to let you eat.

Hai Ling happened to be letting you eat, and when he saw his brother-in-law coming, Hai Ling asked him with a smile, “Why come here when you have time?”

“Sister, I don’t go to work today on Saturday, so come and see if my sister needs help here.”

“It’s Saturday, time flies so fast. I don’t need any help here.”

Hai Ling seldom cooks breakfast for the guests herself, leaving it to the two small shareholders.

There were not many customers in the store, after all, it was past the time for breakfast.

Zhan Yin sat down at a clean table, and said after sitting down: “Sister, please bring me a bowl of soup and noodles. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet, so I’m very hungry.”


Hai Ling immediately went to prepare it for him, and didn’t ask him why he didn’t eat it until now.

After Hai Ling cooked a bowl of noodles for him, Zhan Yin took a bite and put down his chopsticks.


“Sister, I can’t eat, I miss Tongtong.”

Zhan Yin didn’t file a complaint, he sold miserably, let his aunt witness, his wife is not at home, he doesn’t like anything to eat.

Haitong took Yangyang to go out. After all, Yangyang was only three years old, and she was still very clingy to her mother. She would contact Hailing sooner or later. As long as Zhan Yin let his aunt know that he couldn’t eat, when Haitong called back, auntie My sister will rush Haitong back for him.

After that heartless girl came back, he would “teach” her well so that she couldn’t get out of bed for three days!

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