Hai Tong Zhan Yin

Chapter: 4003

Zhan Yin said honestly: “I haven’t told Tongtong about the drastic change in the situation in Jiangcheng. My sister asked me to hide it from Tongtong first and say that she is pregnant. Don’t let her worry.”

When the two sisters encounter danger, Hai Ling always rushes in front to protect her sister from the wind and rain.

Lu Dongming stopped talking again. After a few minutes, he said, “Hai Ling is always like this.”

“She is also doing it for your own good. You have difficulty moving, and my Tongtong is pregnant again. Although the pregnancy is three months old and the fetus is firmly seated, you shouldn’t be too nervous.”

“Yangyang is clamoring to go to Fengchen Villa to play with Long Ting, so let’s let the aunt and nephew live at Jun’s house for a while.”

Zhan Yin thought that by the time Haitong and his aunt and nephew came back from Fengchen Villa, everything would be over in Jiangcheng.

“If you hide this from Haitong, she will have to make trouble with you if she finds out.”

Lu Dongming said, “You will feel better when the time comes.”

“I listen to my sister. When she makes trouble with me, I tolerate it and let it go. As long as my sister comes back safely, she won’t make too much trouble with me. At most, she will drive me to the study to sleep. a few nights.”

Zhan Yin continued: “When I sleep without a quilt, I will catch a cold in just one night, and Tongtong will become soft-hearted.”

Lu Dongming: “…”

My friends are getting better and better at handling Haitong.

“Will you go to Jiangcheng?”

Lu Dongming hoped that his friend could go to Jiangcheng on his behalf.

Zhan Yin replied: “I’ll go there tomorrow and tell Tongtong that I’m going on a business trip.”

“You must bring your sister back safely. I’m waiting to get the marriage license with her.”

Zhan Yin promised: “As long as I still have breath, I will bring my sister back safely.”

Lu Dongming stopped talking again.

“Don’t think so much, it will be fine.”

“I’m worried that the old witch will take action tonight. She can’t wait until you all pass by before taking action, unless she wants to catch you all and kill them all.”

Lu Dongming frowned, the stone hanging in his heart still unable to fall to the ground.

The head of the Feng family did not have the ability to kill Mrs. Shang and others, so she could only target Hai Ling.

Knowing that there are many people around Hai Ling, in order to prevent Guancheng from sending more people, the head of the Feng family will definitely make a quick decision.

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