Heir to the Divine in a Strange Realm

Chapter: 2267

Therefore, the second batch of big guys who got off the Seven Ring Ship were extremely vigilant and prepared to take action at any time.

This attitude did not reduce the enthusiasm of the first batch of people.

“Yin Langjun~” Yin Sang saw Yin Shijun from the crowd at a glance.

Everyone was not surprised and was happy to see Yin Shijun’s excitement.

Although spiritual cultivation values ​​strength far more than appearance, Yin Shijun has both appearance and strength, and his background is quite hateful. He is a homosexual public enemy of his time.

Especially after this guy had these capitals, he still disdained all kinds of temptations sent to the door by the outside world, which made those male cultivators who didn’t have them even more unhappy.

After he became a partner with the Iron Lady Tie Fengling, everyone thought they could finally laugh at him. However, Tie Fengling’s cultivation talent was not as good as the top geniuses of that generation, but she was very good at management. She managed Yinhuan Mansion for Yin Shijun and it was not thriving, but it was as stable as a mountain.

With Tie Fengling managing Yinhuan Mansion, Yin Shijun focused on cultivation. He ignored the sour words from the outside world that he had given power to Tie Fengling and was not afraid of being sidelined by Tie Fengling. He made those who said these sour words a joke.

Later, Yin Qianshang was born. He had a natural talent since he was a child. At the age of ten, he became the Son of Heaven and became famous all over the world. Needless to say, those people of the same generation who were jealous of Yin Shijun were upset. It was not until the ten years of Yin Qianshang’s silence that those people felt comfortable and secretly thought that the way of heaven was fair for once.

During those ten years, Yin Shijun hardly appeared in the world, and there was no news about him in the outside world, so his peers who had a rare chance to relax had no chance to chat with him.

Now that Yin Qianshang has accumulated a lot of experience, Yinhuan Mansion has reached a new level, and he, Yin Shijun, has been reborn to enjoy the dividends of his wife and children.

Looking at Yin Shijun’s handsome face that has remained the same for ten years, like a cold jade sculpture, and his appearance of being unmoved by the gentle seduction of Du Luosha, both the first batch of people and the male spiritual masters in this batch of people felt chest tightness and irritability, and they wanted to see Yin Shijun’s joke.

Yin Sang’s call was ignored. She glanced at Yin Qianshang and saw something from his unmoved expression. She smiled and further tested him: “Mr. Yin, I have finally waited for you. I have seized a cave for you to practice. We will live next to each other in the future.”

Yin Shijun said: “Do you need to seize this cave?”

The cold voice easily cut off the ambiguous atmosphere created by Yin Sang, and the point was made as soon as she opened her mouth.

Yin Sang was sure that Yin Qianshang did not give her father a special treatment and secretly told Yin Shijun more information.

She was not afraid that the father and son were acting to deceive people. Even if she did not understand Yin Qianshang, she knew Yin Shijun’s coldness and arrogance, and she would never disdain to play such a play.

“That’s right.” Yin Sang pretended to be a girl and blinked her eyes playfully. “There are many rules and restrictions here. I suffered a lot before I figured it out. I don’t want Yin Langjun to suffer this kind of grievance, so…”

She licked the corner of her lips, and the greed on her face was exposed in a second. She smiled and said, “Yin Langjun, spend a night with me, and I will give you the cave and experience. How about it?”

“No, how about it.” Yin Shijun just wrote the four big words “unromantic” on his face. Not to mention that he took the bait, he didn’t even have any extra emotions.

Yin Sang laughed instead of being angry.

Damn it!

If I don’t cheat you to death this time, I won’t be named Yin.

“Yin Shijun won’t do this deal, but I will.”

Yin Sang looked at the bald fat man who was talking. His broad body was three times her size. Seeing Yin Sang looking at him, he smiled so hard that his eyes could not be seen, and his face was red and evil.

Yin Sang’s face immediately turned cold, and he laughed, “You are my foot pad, and I think it’s dirty.”

Tong Wujiu was furious.

Yin Sang looked at Ning Zitan and laughed, “Ning Zitan, your vision in Ziying City is really not good this time.”

Ning Zitan didn’t say anything.

This was almost like tacitly agreeing with Yin Sang’s words.

Tong Wujiu felt more and more ashamed. He had always been at odds with Ning Zitan in the past, and when he saw Ning Zitan’s empty sleeve, he said, “Useless!”

In the past, even if Yin Sang looked down on him, he would not say such harsh words like today because of his strength and background, and he also called out to Ning Zitan, making Ning Zitan dare not even refute.

Tong Wujiu guessed that Yin Sang had gained confidence because of the opportunity in the Yinling Treasure Land this time, while Ning Zitan was a loser. Not only did he break an arm that could not be repaired, but his breath was also mottled and chaotic.

He vented his anger on Ning Zitan, but he didn’t notice that Ning Zitan’s sleeves moved automatically without wind, and a fleshy bud with eyes poked half of its head out and gave him a ruthless and cold look.

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