Irresistible Romance

Chapter: 503

After the release of the new product, Yan Rou stayed at Yan’s house and seemed to have learned a lesson.
But Yan Xi knew better than anyone that it was impossible!
Zeng Eryu talked to Mr. Yan on the sofa, “Dad, have you really decided?”
“Er Yu, we have treated you and Xiao Xi badly for so many years. I really didn’t expect Yan Rou to be that way! I know that what the Yan family owes you may never be repaid, but please read it here. After all, everyone is a family, come to the banquet.”
“This time, I invited all my immediate family members. There are some things that I want to make thoroughly clear.” Old man Yan’s voice was full of exhaustion and guilt.
Zeng Eryu looked at the daughter in front of him, “Okay, we must go, but, Dad, you have to be mentally prepared, if something happens…”
“I understand.”
Elder Yan nodded, “As long as you can come.”
Perhaps at this time, Mr. Yan has already decided to really clean up the door.
If Yan Rou does nothing and is willing to stay in Yan’s family, then Yan’s family will definitely have her a bite of food, but if she is still obsessed with it, there is no need to keep even the child in her stomach.
After hanging up the phone, Mr. Yan looked at the distant mountain view with tears in his eyes.
Zeng Eryu told Yan Xi the content of the call, and Jiang Mochen was also with Yan Xi.
“Mom, do you want to go?” Yan Xi asked.
“Mom listens to you.” Zeng Eryu knew that Yan Rou was able to deal with Yan’s crisis and could deal with Yan’s affairs. She was proud of having such a good daughter.
Yan Xi thought for a few minutes, “Let’s go together and see how Grandpa handles this matter.”
Yan Rou harmed her first, bought a murderer to kidnap Zeng Eryu, leaked the company list, and made a lot of noise at the release meeting… No matter which charge it was, it was enough to prevent her from turning over.
At noon that day, Mr. Yan announced at the dinner table that he would have a family banquet.
Yan Rou and Yan Jie are both here. To be honest, Yan Jie doesn’t want to eat with Yan Rou at all. Whenever she thinks of the things she has done, Yan Jie can’t contain the anger in her heart. It’s all for the sake of Mr. Yan and Yan. Xi was enduring.
“It’s scheduled to be tomorrow night in the biggest private room of the InterContinental Hotel. Assistant Han will take care of the specific matters for me.” After Mr. Yan finished speaking, he glanced at Yan Rou and said, “You are pregnant, so you don’t need to go.”
“No, I want to go.” Yan Rou squeezed a smile, “Grandpa, I know that I did something wrong at the release meeting that day. I will take this opportunity to apologize to everyone.”
Yan’s family also has other relatives and elders who have shares in the company. Someone also witnessed Yan Rou’s sapo at the venue that night…
Yan Jie snorted unceremoniously, got up and left after eating two bites of rice.
“I’m stuffed.”
As soon as he left the house, he dialed Ying Mo’s phone, “Is there time in the afternoon? I want to see my sister.”
“Okay, I’ll pick you up.”
As soon as Yan Jie and Ying Mo entered the villa, Yan Jie noticed that there was a figure on the second floor that looked like Zeng Eryu! But she is not overseas now and her whereabouts are unknown?
“What’s going on?” He rushed in anxiously.
Yingmo pulled him, “Sister Xiao Xi should have made arrangements long ago, don’t worry.”
Yan Jie nodded when he heard what she said.
“Sister, I just seemed to see…” Yan Jie pursed his thin lips, wondering if he should ask.
Yan Xi leaned on the sofa, her lower abdomen was already obvious, she smiled and said, “You didn’t read it wrong, my mother has been living here, and there is no kidnapped as the news said.”
“Why don’t you reply…” Yan Jie realized something when he was halfway talking!
Zeng Eryu was missing at the time, and Yan Rou happened to be in the company!
Yan Xizhen stopped him from thinking about it, but drank the water slowly, “You came to ask me if I’m going to the family banquet?”
Yan Jie was stunned and nodded, “Well, I heard what Grandpa said, I’m afraid you won’t go.”
“Do you want me to go?” Yan Xi asked rhetorically, tilting her head.
“To be honest, I have the same idea as my grandfather. I think you are very suitable for managing the company, but I don’t want you to say goodbye to the film industry.” After Yan Jie learned about Yan Xi’s pregnancy, he understood that she had announced that she was going to be retired. Move.
“Of course I hope you will go to the family dinner, and I am afraid of your pregnancy…”
“I know it in my heart. I will go. Don’t worry.” Yan Xi smiled and looked at Yingmo. “The Yan family has a lot of things recently, so take care of Yan Jie more.”
“I will.” Yingmo nodded and replied.

When Yan Jie went to the Lan Ting Villa, Yan Rou found a guise for shopping and left Yan’s house. Of course, Mr. Yan had long guessed that she would be unable to restrain herself, and specially asked someone to follow her.
Yan Rou’s car drove all the way towards the suburbs. She was wondering why Mr. Yan would suddenly hold a family banquet, but she didn’t even notice someone following.
She stopped in front of a villa and knocked on the door. Soon Feng Hengyuan opened the door from the inside and looked outside.
“No one will follow you, right?”
“No! Let me in!” Yan Rou untied her scarf in a panic and walked in.
Feng Hengyuan didn’t think so much, and closed the door.
At this time, Jiang Mochen’s people also followed.
“My grandfather is going to hold a family banquet suddenly, I think it’s very strange, I’m afraid that grandpa knows something! Did you take care of the last time the list was leaked?”
“Do you doubt me?” Feng Hengyuan snorted, and his eyes flicked across the black suitcase beside the coffee table. “I said, I will help you get your share, but you won’t listen to me. That kind of thing will be coaxed at the release meeting that day!”
“I’m just too worried! Grandpa looked at me that day, I really don’t know how to describe…this family dinner, something will definitely happen!”
Feng Hengyuan glanced at her, “What will happen?”
“I don’t know, but I can’t just bet like this. You don’t have that kind of coma medicine here!” Yan Rou suddenly grabbed Feng Hengyuan’s arm, “You must have it, right? When you meet at the hotel, I can’t remember anything behind me. You must have given me the medicine.”
“Don’t talk nonsense! I don’t have that kind of thing!” Feng Hengyuan’s expression changed and he pushed Yan Rou away.
Yan Rou stepped back two steps before she stood firmly, “I’m not going to blame you, I’m going to use that kind of medicine, if Grandpa really abandons me, I also have to forge a will first!”
Feng Hengyuan looked back at Yan Rou, he even thought this woman was too vicious.
“Okay, I’ll help you prepare, you go back first.”
He must transfer company funds as soon as possible to find a way out for himself, otherwise he will be dragged down by Yan Rou sooner or later.
As for her grievances with the Yan family, let them fight! Just buy time for him.

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